Green Cleaners made by Clorox

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In 2008, Clorox Corp (based here in Oakland, CA) came out with a line of green cleaning products. More than 99% of the ingredients in their new GreenWorks line come from natural, non-petrochemical sources. The ingredients include:
  • Water
  • Alkyl Polyglucoside. This is a detergent surfactant made from coconut oil
  • Ethanol SDA-3C. This is a dirt-dissolving solvent made from corn oil
  • Glycerine. A solvent from corn oil
  • Lemon oil. From Lemons, obviously, there for the fragrance
  • Kathon, a preservative which is part of the 1% of the formula derived from petrochemicals. But it is biodegradable
  • Milliken Liquitint Blue HP and Bright Yellow dyes. Also part of the 1% of the formula derived from petrochemicals.
As you probably know, most commercial cleaners do not provide a full ingreidents list such as Clorox has done. If you want more information about a commercial cleaner, you can visit The Green Guide, an online publication of National Geographic.

Hope these sites lead you to new ideas!

Kaila Westerman

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