Micro Fine Rose Powder

Posted on July 23, 2009 by Kaila Westerman, TKB Trading, LLC | 0 comments

This just in: Roses that are crushed micro fine and end up so powdery smooth you can use them as a face powder! We also got in a micro fine Coconut Powder.

I chose these two particular powders because they do not have a strong odor (as some botanicals do), and between the two of them, we have the basic skin tones (pink from the rose and a yellow/brown from the coconut). As a result we can use them to make finishing veils or even foundations if we wished.

We've started playing with them, and although the color payout isn't fabulous, they do offer some color. Here are some links to some recipes we have started with. More to come in our Recipe section.


Kaila Westerman
TKB Trading, LLC

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