Look at Beauty by Saria!

Posted on February 25, 2008 by Kaila Westerman, TKB Trading, LLC | 0 comments

One of our customers was showcased in an online magazine, Bellevere.

Beauty by Saria was smart to get her products in front of an online magazine and to offer a giveaway to boot. It's this kind of viral marketing which can take your business from here to there!
Not only is Beauty by Saria smart in her marketing, but she is selling herself on Etsy.com.

Etsy.com is a little like EBAY or Amazon.com, but the focus is on only handmade items. I just discovered it recently and my mouse finger is twitching to buy handmade!

Some good stuff in this post, take time to check them out!

Kaila Westerman
TKB Trading, LLC

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