Clamshell: Cutie Pies
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Really, we should call them "clam shells" because like a clam the top and bottom are connected and click together. But we call them "cutie pies" because they are sooooo super duper cute!

  • Ingredients: Plastic.
  • They are all made of clear plastic and have the same diameter (1.18") but different heights and volumes (table below is approximate). We sell a matching blank label which you can use to label them!

     Apple Pie  0.29" 0.8 gr loose powder (1/2 tsp)
    Lemon Pie  0.44" 1.5 gr loose powder (3/4 tsp)
    Cherry Pie 0.59" 2.0 gr loose powder (1 tsp)
    Blueberry Pie 0.75" 3.5 gr loose powder (1-3/4 tsp)


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I bought the cherry pies. They hold a little more than a 5 gram jar. They are great for storage because of their shape, and you can't beat the price! I havn't had any problems with opening them. But make sure you open them all the way up when filling, or they will fall over and spill your precious powders!

    great to store freshly made shadows if you aren't sure you want to use a 20 gram jar for them like some others I have had a little trouble opening the blueberry pie
    but for the price and the amount they hold you certainly cannot beat it, I will of course order more!
    *side note* if you store sample bushes in these the mac 188 brush fits almost perfectly into it

    These are a great price for giving away samples! Good for solid and loose powder products!

    I love Blueberry Pies.  I formulate only for myself and I make many small experimental recipes and store in these Cutie Pies.  Also great for sample giveaways.  I need to order more today!

    The lemonpies are perfect for samples, i also use the cherry for my travel-to´s and starlite/hilites when traveling and formulating away from home.

    These little containers come is super handy for samples of all loose mineral makeup and also primers and lotion samples. I use the apple, lemon and cherry pie, they are the perfect size and customers love them!

    I have every size available and I can tell you they are perfect for they are convenient for your customer and yourself. I use the smallest for lippie samples...the other sizes for foundation and shadow samples. So if you haven't tried them yet...go ahead..they are a great price. Plus I can truly say you won't be sorry!!!

    I  use  these for lip  glosses  for  the  younger   crowd    they  love  them   because  the  price  is  lower   and   I  love  them because they are  easy to use  I also use  the   bands   to seal  them !

    I use these for makeup I make for myself since they're so economical.  I also use these to store my inks I create with the dyes and pigments TKB has to offer.  The caps stay on nice and tight so there's no leaking.

    These are brilliant l use the apple pie cuties, for lip gloss when l have filled the tubes with versagel any lip gloss  left over l put in these and use them for samples they are great as the lip gloss doesn't spill out,

    Super cheap and surprisingly effective. I use these to share some of my micas with my friends; you can fit over a teaspoon in one Blueberry Pie, which is more than enough for most of my buddies. :) They're also great for storing lip colors I've concocted in my palette and decided to keep, or for checking out a new eyeshadow blend. I always buy the labels, cause they're only $0.50 more!

    I have recently switched to these for all my mineral samples, and while they are more expensive than the baggies that I was using the customers have LOVED the change!  They snap firmly closed and i'm not worried about them coming open when they aren't supposed to.  Love them!

    These are perfect for samples, they are cheap but sturdy and I don't have to get after my teenage daughter when she steals them.

    These little 'cuties' are great for sooo many things that I ordered a ton more last time! I always carry the lemon pies with experimental eyeshadows in them in my purse. Never had one pop open accidentally, but they're easy to open when I want to. GREAT product. As always, awesome job TKB!

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Clamshell: Cutie Pies has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 5 reviews.

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