International Shipping


Requesting a shipping quote

Firstly, we are happy to provide you a quote once you have completely submitted an order. 

We do not provide quotes without an order and an order number.  It's just too confusing for us to understand exactly what you want and where it is shipping to.

If you are worried that it will be too expensive, simply checkout with the "Call Me: type a phone # here; we will call for $$$" form of payment, under the Payment Information during checkout, and you will not have to pay anything.  And you are always free to cancel the order at no cost.

We will then email you a quote based on the estimated weight and size of the order.  We will give you as many options as possible, including the least expensive (often the longest shipping time) and the quickest method (often the most expensive).

Shipping quotes are estimates and may change.

Please shop carefully so that we (you and TKB) do not email back and forth adding and is so confusing for everyone! 


The factors of shipping charges


If you are far away from Oakland, California and you live someplace really remote (in the country), your shipping quote will be higher.  There is not much we can do about that!


Weight and dimension:

We have more flexibility with weight and dimension of your shipment to get you the best quote.  When we give you a quote, it is always based on what we can best do for you! 


However, you should know that your best shipping prices will squeeze in Flat Rate Envelopes (either USPS or FedEx) (From $25 USD to $30 USD).


If your order is bigger, we will try to squeeze it into a Flat Rate BOX.  We can do that up to 20 pounds.  The flat rate box costs about $78 USD.



Orders with a total value of $300 or more will ship FedEx, be insured and have tracking.  We will not ship high value orders by (regular mail) unless you agree to all risks of loss.



Orders shipped by Priority Mail generally take 6 – 10 business days to reach their destination country. Expedited and FedEx shipments could reach their destination country in as little as 3 days.


Other things to consider

Duties and Taxes: Duties and taxes assessed by your government will be your responsibility.

* USPS Global Priority Mail does not include tracking or insurance. If you choose USPS Global Priority Mail you are responsible for lost or damaged shipments. TKB Trading will not replace lost or damaged shipments shipped via USPS Global Priority Mail *


Customs: TKB Trading does not mark international shipments as “Gifts”, nor will we compromise our integrity by making false statements regarding the contents of your package. TKB Trading has no control over the amount of time your package takes to clear Customs in your country. Please be aware that in very few instances certain Eastern European governments will reject your shipment based on the customs information. In such cases, we will work with the carrier to get your package accepted and give you the option of reshipping the order one more time or refunding your payment.


Please keep in mind that orders including plastic containers – jars, lids, sifters, lipstick tubes and such  – can be extremely bulky and might require larger shipping containers than you may have anticipated. Please also keep in mind that orders for soap and liquid products tend to be heavier than you may have anticipated.


 If all this information is overwhelming - we get that – please feel free to contact us with any questions:

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