Resources (MSDS & COA)

10/2016 Update

We are currently updating our site to include the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on each product page. You will find the information at the fourth tab, as highlighted in yellow here:


As we are doing these updates one-by-one, the information you require may not have been uploaded yet.  Feel free to click on the link below to make your specific request by opening a ticket.

With regard to COA's (Certificate of Analysis), we offer this information in two ways. The first way is free, and is found at the same place as the MSDS (at the product's MSDS/COA tab).  


The second option is available if you require a COA which is specific to the exact lot number of material which you have received.  We offer these documents for a nominal fee of $1.50 per each COA we produce for you. You may purchase lot-number-specific COA's at this link below:


Thanks for putting your faith and trust in TKB Trading, LLC, we strive to offer you complete information to insure your success and confidence.

Kaila Westerman


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