26mm 12-cavity Charcoal Black Kit
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On this page you are purchasing the 12-cavity magnetic palette which includes twelve 26mm round tin pans, and one pressing tile.  

    • Ingredients: Acrylic plastic tile, tin, cardboard and paper. The paper is a semi-matte finish with a slight texture.

    • The palette measures approximately 9-7/8" long and 3-1/16" wide. The bottom of the palette is pierced with holes to make it easy to push the tins out (use a paperclip or similar pointy thing).

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           I purchased several of these palettes to place my pressed glitters orders in and they're amazing!The pans fit well and the palette isn't cheap looking. I will be purchasing a ton more soon!!

           I got these to use instead of the MAC pro palettes. I have a tendency to break plastic palettes because I have to bring them with me from job to job. The palette is about the length and width of my forearm, and the perfect size to hold while using it. I asked them to pack it good so that it didn't break in shipping, and they honored my request. However, I don't think it would have broken even if they didn't. These suckers are strong. If you knock on them, it makes a loud noise. They're built like a hardcover book, and not at all flimsy. The only complaint I have about them is that the magnets aren't very strong. They'll hold the shadows, but I would be careful about flipping the palette upside down or holding it upright while open. I managed to solve that issue with some thin, double sided tape for a little extra security. All things considered, you really can't beat the deal. I'll definitely order more.

           I just got this today and the first thing I had to do is tell someone how much I love it! Its very sleek and thin with a very nice texture to the material. I will be able to fit twice as many of these palettes in my kit than my current palettes. I suggest everyone order at least one to just try it!

           great palette smooth n sleek professional grade will def be ordering more!!

           I just received my pallettes and ditto Amber Rose

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