36mm Charcoal Black KIT, 12 Cavity, (Includes Tins & Press Tiles)
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On this page you are purchasing the 12-cavity magnetic palette which includes twelve 36mm round tin pans, and one pressing tile.  

    • Ingredients: Acrylic plastic tile, tin, cardboard and paper. The paper is a semi-matte finish with a slight texture.

    • The palette measures approximately 9-7/8" long and 3-1/16" wide. The bottom of the palette is pierced with holes to make it easy to push the tins out (use a paperclip or similar pointy thing).

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           These are perfect for the MUFE Artist shadows, which are just  the tiniest bit smaller in diameter, so they fit right in. The magnetic base holds them secure. They are also great for the super pigmented Ben Nye and La Femme eyeshadows and blushes. I simply use a small rounded tip to gently pop them out without breaking.

           I purchased this to use for my Sugarpill pressed shadows, but Sugarpills shadows are slightly too big. They would likely fit MUFE shadows though! It is a great palette though! Very sturdy! I plan on pressing some blushes for this palette.

           I used it to put all my Sugarpill shadows in and they fit, but you have to use something flat to push them into the slots. You won't be able to easily remove them from the palette, so if you want to take them out often this probably isn't for you. I just wanted all of my Sugarpill eyeshadows in one place and this was perfect, especially for the price! Very sturdy.

           I bought this for my sugarpill shadows too and it worked great you just have to push them down, I just used the lid of the palette. Very nice will definitely get some more

           I bought the 4 pack and they are just wonderful. I like that they are completely black and sleek looking. I DIYed a Sugarpill Pro Palette with one of these and the shadows fit perfectly. Just make sure you line them up and press them down flat and they go in the hole just fine. I also used 2 of the palettes for my old ULTA brand shadows I got a few years ago. Their new shadows are much smaller and will not fit, but the old ones with the ULTA imprint on the actual shadow fit in these palettes. The really old ones (they look the same size, but the shadow was completely flat and smooth) are actually about 1mm smaller than the imprinted ones so they fit in easier. For the imprinted ones, I had to use a flat object and slightly depress around the slots to make a little more room for them since it is a really tight fit. I really do love these palettes and love how they look. The magnets are strong to hold the lid closed pretty securely.

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