4-Cavity Lipstick Mold

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The TKB mold is a 12.1 cup size with a BU tip as shown in the upright pink lipstick image. Each mold comes with 4 cavities. We also have available, Case Fitters to go with these molds. The Case Fitter itself will not make lipsticks on it's own, and is an optional add on to the two part mold itself.

(Please view video in the "FAQs" tab, to see how the case fitter is used, it is the 3rd piece used at 0:57).

    • Ingredients: Aluminum.
    • Here is a short video we made in 2010:

    • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

          My economy mold broke so I had to purchase this one. I really wish I would've put the money I paid for the economy mold towards this one. The lipsticks come out perfect and the teardrop shape is beautiful. Its worth the money and definitely a good inverstment. I had to knock of a star for shipping. I only ordered 3 small items and had to pay $11.99 which is a medium flat rate priority box, when it was shipped in a small priority box inside a bubble wrapped envelope which is only 5.05 to 5.95 to ship. That I didnt like cause this is the second time this has happened. Please fix your shipping. I really like shopping with you guys but as a business owner every cent counts.

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