"A La Carte" Lipstick Kit
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An assortment of tools an ingredients to get you started making your own lippies. Plastic lipstick mold.


We no longer sell our products as a pre-assembed kit. We had so many requests for substitutions and changes to the kit we realized that it was better to split everything out and let people pick and choose "a la cart". (Especially as many people did not really want to make the blue lipstick Koren demonstrated in his video).


This change from Kit to Collection has altered the price a little bit. Items that used to be included in the Go-For-Broke Kit are preceded and followed by two asterisks (example: **Uncolored Base, 100 gr in a melter cup**). If you order ONLY the items that used to be in the kit your total will be $56.83, which is $7.83 more than the old kit. We apologize for the price increase but it was necessary. We trust you will still feel you are receiving a good value.

      • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

           I have to say that I am so very pleased with my order. I ordered a lipstick mold along with the supplies to go with it.  My only complaint is that they sent me two of the same color of the mymix lipstick base.  But as they were free, I can deal with that. I will try my hand at making a batch of lipsticks tonight. I ordered on Sunday with a rush in processing. The order shipped on Monday. I received the order on Friday. This is good as I am making a trip home and want to make lipsticks for my Mom and sisters. Thanks so much!

          Im so happy, i just ordered a kit for my birthday. I heard the shipping was great so that fits in well with my times. I hope i get this kit really soon because i am already going crazy about ordering and it arriving and making lipsticks!!

           I ordered this kit Thursday before last and received it the following Monday. I am soooo pleased. By the way, I am like the "Mad Scientist" formulating my own lip colors. 

           Got this kit a few days ago and it is amazing! Fast shipping and loved everything I ordered with kit. :) The lipstick base is really nice, although I did end adding Jojoba Oil to my base to make it a tad softer and works just fine in the mode. (I just like it that way, otherwise the base it self is great) :D

           I bought everything that was in the GFB kit and more on Saturday and received it on Wednesday my daughter loves it. She making her lipsticks right now. I'm very pleased with my order.

         Finally Got my kit It came with everything it said it would. My only complaint is that my mold looks like it was used before me with smears of a red substance and its scratched up with little chunks missing on the bottom. Oh And I wish I knew the liquid dyes didn't show as much I would have ordered the pigment powders. But I will say the kit is a cool way for beginners to get started making their own products.

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