Antique Silver
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Antique Silver is beautiful by itself but also blends well with other colors to give them complexity and depth.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77499).

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    This stormy silver color is gorgeous! The shimmer is a bit large, but can be foiled into a beautiful metallic finish

    Its almost a gunmetal-tone. Its a bit "flakey" almost, a bit bigger in particle size then most micas. When mixed with a little black oxide it gets a little more depth and changes colors when used wet, when dry its a nice dark silvery-grey but when used wet it is a more black-toned-gray.

     When I want a softwash gray I use this dry with a little matte texture base above the lid.  If I want something more vibrant, just wet it and you get liquid pewter.  I love the versatility and the usability of antique silver.  Fabulous fall/winter smokey eye look.

     This shade is awesome and blends wonderfully with the pops to create amazing jewel like shadows. The real magic is when used with a medium as a liner wow it looks like liquid pewter for hours... New fav!

     I really love this color, it's very sexy with my brown eyes !!! :)

     This color isnt quite the tin foil silver but its great none the less it has a taupe undertone that allows it to be neutral but can also be amped up. 

     My favorite silver I like this more so than polished silver.

     I had no idea I was gonna love this color so much when I got the sample!  Just ordered an ounce.  To me, this color just kinda fell into my group of purples but I think this would be great mixed with just about any color.  Flashy on its own and with some base, I plan to try it on its own and see how she goes! Loving this makeup stuff and making my labels this week to sell some of my concoctions at the arts and crafts shows locally.  TKB has made this possible for me due to the fantastic prices.  I trust TKB as well which mean a lot, and the colors are awesome!

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Antique Silver has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 9 reviews.

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