Apple Blossom
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Apple Blossom is a soft pink with a low sheen.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (77499), Carmine (75470).

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    This color is supreme for a dark skinned diva like myself that is extremely particular about colors on my skin other than neutrals and purple. I'd been looking for something soft that with a brown lip liner would look sexy not screaming "HERE I AM". This color does that. Made the perfect lip shade for me. I plan to try it for my eyes and hint on my cheek bone to have that spring refreshed look but not too extreme. TKB Trading please keep this color and create more purples for me and I'm a client for life!

        The color itself is quite delicate and pretty, a soft matte pink, but the downside is that this mica is a bit powdery. You have to use a good bit of base to make it suitable for use on your skin.

         It's a delicate baby pink with the slightest hints of brown and tiny tiny amount of purple.  It's got a good sheen and not sparkly at all.  Good for everyday/wedding looks.

         The name really says it all, the perfect apple/cherry blossom babypink with a little hint of purple undertone. Shiny, but not to much so.
    Can be used for both daytime and nighttime looks depending on accent color.
    Looks wonderful on pale skin.

         I love this color, and so do my customers.  It is a baby pink. Not bright at all, very soft looking.  You can make it sheer by adding in more base, but what I do is add 3tsp of this color with 1 tsp of tkb base, and it looks great.  I love this color as a base to other colors, and when I want a subtle look, I use this in my crease with a light brown/beige on my lid. Very pretty.  Would work with any skin tone and eye color.  Would look great in a lippie too....Even in a blush..I think I will try making a blush with it next, like a very natural looking blush.  This color would be perfect.  I will let you know how it turns out..

         This is a lovely sheer pink for pale skin, but shows up more intense on darker skins which is so pretty. I mix this with florescent pink (a tiny bit!) and shea butter for a sheer blush, and then powder apple blossom on my eyes, it makes me look less tired!

         This would work nice as a blush/highlighter just the slightest hint of color on your skin.

         One of the most BEAUTIFUL pinks I've see. Very delicate with a gentle lilac sheen.
         This is one of my FAVORITE mica's!  It is not only a beautiful mica alone, but it is also a duochrome.  I hope TKB carries this mica FOREVER, as It is my favorite one.  I use it in eyeshadows, and lippies.  This mica makes a beautiful lipgloss!  I highly recommend this mica...You will LOVE it!

         I find myself using it so much more than I thought I would. Gives a gorgeous glow

         Lovely babypink colour, added to Rosewater lipbalm base, with TBK extender, very please with results

         This color Is very beautiful   . It is just like Lime Crimes cupcake Theif but more pigmented.  I regret buying the Lime crime one

         I'm new to tkb trading and i must say I'm very impressed. I'm like a kid the morning of christmas waiting to play with my toys. No other cosmetic company will c my $

         Ok had time to play with this color, I ressed it, came out wonderfully, I use this color as a shadow when i want to do a smoked look with brown on the outter v, and i made a lip gloss also with it, very pigmented and I must say if i didn't know me i would say i was beautiful. Very pretty color

         I used this for a shadow highlighter for a dark purple crease color/black amethyst....but love Pam's idea about playing up some brown shades with this sweet, feminine color!  I may experiemnt further after reading the things other folk's did with this color...I have to do some research on "duochrome" and how it applies to mica..LOL It helps me to see what others who have been at this longer do with these colors... so keep em coming!

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Apple Blossom has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 18 reviews.

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