Avocado Rind Concentrate
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Dark, non-bleeding green
  • Ingredients:?ÿGlycerine, Pigment.
    While it is non-toxic, the color is not cosmetic grade and so should not be used in personal care products.
    Non bleeding and soap stable.
  • Avocado Rind is like the dark, muted green of the skin of the avocado fruit (not to be confused with our other color, Avocado, which is the like the light green of the meat of the avocado).

    It is a popular hue for projects needing a subdued and natural green. In the project photo, it is shown in background with Cinnabar, Black and White. China Mustard is used for the accent star on top.

    Our color concentrates are water-soluble pigments or dyes suspended in vegetable glycerine. 1 fl.oz. should color about 20 pounds of soap to a medium shade.

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