Batch Certified Dye: FD&C Yellow 5 Lake
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A bright yellow dye. Batch Certified.  You are purchasing one pound.

  • Ingredients: Yellow 5 (19140:1).  Dye Load: 24-26%.
  • This product IS Batch Certified.


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Batch Certified Dye: FD&C Yellow 5 Lake has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 3 reviews.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi! I went trough your all matte colors and I could not understand why on few pigments pictures are written "BATCH CERTIFIED", what does it means? Does it means that pigments who are not batch certified can't be used in cosmetics and they have to have some kind of certification?

    Most of our colors are permitted for use in cosmetics exactly as we sell them, and we also offer paperwork such as Certificates of Analysis to support that statement (see here:

    So to address your confusion, not seeing "batch certified" on something does not mean that it cannot be used in cosmetics.  

    Only for our powdered lake dyes does the question of batch certification arise.   

    All of the lake dyes that we sell are batch certified when they arrive at our facility.  When we open the container and use the dyes to make something (example our liquid lip colors), they still meet the FDA criteria and you are free to use them to make your cosmetics.

    However, when we open the container and repack the dyes into smaller containers, for example the sample sizes, without doing anything other than that, we technically lose the batch certification.  We know that people want to experiment with smaller sizes, and so we put the batch certified lot number on each smaller size and we sell them with full disclosure that the product is no longer batch certified.

    For more information about certified colors, visit the FDA websites very informative link:
    I know it can be confusing, and I hope I helped!

    Kaila Westerman

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