Bishop's Violet
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In the Catholic church, the bishop's cassock and robes are often accented with richly hued reddish purples. Our Bishop's Violet mimics the shade, resulting in a profound and deeply saturated medium shimmer mica.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Carmine (75470).

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    Yes, this is a dupe for Mac/Stars N Rockets, & UD's Fishnet.  I used this today with antique silver and it was gorgeous.  Can go on sheer, but if you use it wet, pack and layer it, you can get great color payoff.  I will never be without this. 

      This is one of my favorite purples.  It is awesome.  I mixed it with a little bit of TKB base....1 tsp base, and 3 tsp Bishops violet....It came out awesome..My customers love it, and I especially love it because it brings out my green eyes.  It also looks great on blue and brown eyes, because my daughter has blue eys and my Mom has brown eyes (only person I know with brown eyes that will let me experiment with and it looks great on both.  It really brought out my daughters blue eyes....It made them turn a darker blue, and for the brown yes, it made them look clearer, if that makes sense.  Either way, this color compliments all eye colors..This is a must have, and I will be ordering this Mica for a long time..

     At last I've found you!!!  Purple with a pink undertone and sparkle... so very pretty.  It's my favourite purple of all times.   This picture gives it very little justice.  In fact, this picture looks nothing like the real thing.  Like the post above, 1 base to 3 bishop violet.  You can get away with 1 to 1 ratio. You won't be disappointed in this colour, guaranteed!  Makes a good lip colour too!

     Slightly sheer, but you can build up to a nicer color. Has a lovely sheen to it.

    The perfect purple I have ever used. You can mix it with a sheer blue or pink to get incredible results. Great for that beautiful eye shadow that I can match with with my skin tone. Gorgeous :)   

    Many companies out there have this color in their eyeshadow line such as MAC's stars n rockets, Urban Decay fishnet, etc. This color is just like that a red violet with blue duochrome goodness. I was hoping this could replace my soon to be empty Urban Decay Fishnet although it is the same color it is far to sheer for my taste and disappears once I start blending. Great if you don't mind sheer colors. I must add it adds a nice subtle effect to any look. 

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