Black Mica
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Black Mica is the perfect blend of flat black oxide with a low-sheen mica. The result is a soft shimmery black popular for many uses but especially for eyeliners, eye shadows and similar products.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77499).

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         So I pressed this and found that this black mica provides a nice and soft smoke, but can be darkened to a true black if layered up on the eyelid.

    First things first - a black mica is a must for everybody! It's not only for making black eyeshadow or liner, but is used for altering the darkness of any color. For people who don't want to fiddle with iron oxides - this is a must because there is no other way to drastically darken a color. Even when making eyeshadows with iron oxides it's very scary to add black iron oxide. Black iron oxide is so strong that'll easily mess up what you just created. Obviously this mica also contains black iron oxides, but it's a more "dilluted" version. When experimenting it's nice to have the option of black mica for small changes and for fine-tweaking your color to the desired darkness/shade. This mica is also completely matte, which makes it work for matte eyeshadows as well. 

    This product is great when you need to make something darker. It works so great in eye shadows and eye liners. A true must have for any line. 

    This is truly a must have for making eye shadows.  It darkens the color, or if you want to use it alone as a black eyeliner that is great too..You can't live with out this!

    A wonderful (and necessary) addition for those times when black is needed to darken colors in a blending.  :)

    this is great to use in small amounts in formulas to slightly darken things or to give them a little bit of a smoke, I prefer it wet as a liner because I find the texture to be a little chunkier than I prefer, I don't know if there is anything you can do about this... but it's not a big deal just a little thing I noticed compared to my other micas


     I pressed this one for my own personal use and use it daily.  You can also set your gel eyeliner with this to increase the intensity of the black.  Fundamental in importance.  Everyone needs a good black.

    This is a true black with a low sheen to it, my favorite!

    I'm new to's not as opaque as I'd like it to be.  Does anyone have suggestions what I can add to it to make it more opaque?  Thanks I'm new! : )  TKB Responds:  Use Carbon Black for a pure black that is easy to work with.

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