Black Oxide Pigment
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Black Oxide is a natural iron oxide which is flat, black and pure in hue. Stands alone as an accent color for any cosmetic or personal care product; also useful to deepen the tone of other colors.

  • Ingredients: Iron Oxide (77499).

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    If your just starting out and want to make darker colors or just want to be able to make some basic gray for a smokey eye, you'll need black.

     For me, it's both, but if I had to choose, this. Yes, you will need to grind it, but for deepening shades for any facial application, this is your, "go-to black." This will give your colors matte tones, and depth, while helping you achieve a darker color, or making any shade of gray. You can always add sparkle, but this is a true, "must." and you can't beat TKB's price.

     My favorite black that TKB sells,it's just a good basic black.

     I love this black it truly is the blackest of blacks, nice matte tone as well.

     I love this stuff for darkening other colors! It takes very little to add depth to other colors, but the problem I run into is that, on its own when I'm trying to use it for a pure black, it seems to crease pretty easily.

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