The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products
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Hot off the presses and hot in our hands, we are still scrumbling through the pages and whipping up the recipes.

Includes almost 60 pages on mineral makeup and 20 pages on lip products (as well as numerous recipes for both).

Also covered: Clays and masks, cleansers, scrubs, lotions,and assorted odds and ends.

In total 277 pages and hundreds of recipes! Many using our unique product line.


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

      Don't get me wrong I'm learning a lot but find the recipes impractical and expensive in their original form.  Whatever I produce is going to be cut at least half.  I wish they had included a "sample size" measurement that would have taken the guesswork out of it.  Otherwise an educational book indeed.

      As a romance author, I cringe at bad reviews. I never write them for books, but this one has several flaws and I want to address them. If you're new to formulating, this is a good start. If you've been at it more than a few months and have made a lotion, know what an emulsifier is and which oils do what...please save your money for the Natural Formulator book on this site. It's a great price, especially considering the contents. Right off the bat, "this and that cause cancer for sure," with no back-up cites, sources, or studies. Cause in at least two cases, there aren't any, or were taken out of context. I have to be honest and say I bought this on Kindle, and not the soft cover. I'm really glad I did. I accept that studies have shown some cosmetics to be harmful, most of them if you breathe them through a gas mask for a few years, with an adequate supply of O2, of course. The problem is she lists real carcinogens with things that have not had any definitive testing. Truly, there is very little, besides asbestos and smoking that we can put the nail on the head and say, "yep, this cancer was caused by..." We use studies were rats where forced to inhale or eat more than any human would ever have in their lifetime. However, we absolutely 100% proof that gram and to a lesser degree gram b bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungus can cause horrible diseases, and death. I'd rather risk it with 1% of a trusted and safe preservative, then chance it with something not as tested and possibly injure someone. Her assumptive language would get her a verbal hair tug for not having a source on any forum for cosmetics I've seen. No source, no knowledge. Anecdotal evidence means nothing, unless it sparks a study to back it up. A good study. The book does list suppliers, chosen with care. One of which, for Aloe, I knew nothing about. The fact TKB is well listed pleased me. Had they not been, I would have panned the sucker 100%.The lists of oils and their properties, all in one place, is nice. I have a list that's cobbled together, that's not easy to find because it's in five documents. Her list of inci names seems redundant with the 10, to fifteen very well-tended sites I have online that are more in depth. A few interesting essential oil blends look promising. I just can't get over the list of all the, "known carcinogens," that are just stated and not cited. My publisher would kick my butt, if I had one street in Las Vegas wrong in a romance (she did), I can't believe the publisher let her get away with that. Is this material ground breaking? Nope. Is it a handy newbie reference, or nice to grab without going through your MSDS sheets and Articles when you need the best emulsifier for a water in oil emulsion? Yes. I like info to jump start some new project, but honestly, I've been at this full time (16 hour days, no days off and a family that will attest to that) for over a year now and there's nothing here I've not mined from hours of research here,, Pub Chem, chemists corner, and special chem. This book is a good starting place, needed for new people that are trying to get their feet wet. There aren't a lot of places to get that starter information. However for the rest of you? Save your money for a good preservative.

       Do buy from TKB. No tax if you're out of state and you just cannot beat her mailing rates. Free shipping over $100? I can spend that on one product. Heck if I have 20K to spend here, it would be in one order and I know what I'd get. I've had a peak at the other new book, "Formulating Natural Cosmetics." It's a better price than Allured Books and a reference that should be on every formulators desk. It's in my cart.

       I got the e-version of this book, and I was pretty happy with it except for these things:  1.) ALL of the foundation formulas use talc, and 2.) It is mostly recipes the author made up, so you can't really learn how to make your own original colors.  It is basically a recipe book.  Other than that, it's a fun read.

       I am kind of dissapointed that I can buy this from barnes and noble for less than $11.  TKB Responds:  B&N gets a better discount than us.  Sorry!  Good to support your local B&N or bookstore anyway!

        I would have loved the book, but reading through the "color grinds", many of the ingredients were colors that only TKB mixes and carries.  Other distributors carry micas that are generalized colors, and raw ingredients.  Since lots of people order ingredients from more than one place, the book should have used generalized ingredients and micas, not those specific to what TKB mixes and sells.

         Although this is very comprehensive book and has a lot of valuable information, I bought it mostly for the recipes to learn how to make my own colors and to copy some of the colors in there (eyeshadows specifically).  Unfortunately, a LOT of the micas used in these recipes are no longer available.  I guess one could use another similar color, but I found that very frustrating.

         I've been using it for the mineral makeup information.  I worked through the foundations, blushes and bronzers and was happy.  I'm trying to work in the eye part now, and its a little difficult because more of the recipes use the Pop micas... which are no longer available.  I would LOVE it if there were alternates listed somewhere!!  It really is a great book thought!!  TKB Responds:  We have replacements coming soon, had hoped to have them this month, but things got delayed.  About another week.

          This book has good recipes but for large quantities.  So if your a newbie you would be stuck with large quantity and not know how to convert it to smaller batches. 

          I am not sure what B&N the first reviewer purchased her copy at I paid $17.00 for mine at B&N.I love this book, lots of usable info, I use many of their recipes as a base for formulating.  Most are easy to tweak so you can make them your own.   It is one of the few book I have found that covers all of the bases of making sellable cosmetics. The two ladies that wrote the book actually had a self published book out about a year ago, & I loved that one so when I saw an updated version was hitting the market I jumped on it. 

          To the first also have to pay shipping so it all evens out anyway! I say lets support Kaila as she does a lot to help all of us out when she can! You Rock Kaila!

          I am a professional color educator & create color mixes based on the pigments present in the skin, hair, & eyes of an individual; & to this book I say- Lets support Kaila,Sally& Zonella;  the beautiful people at TKB for all their HARD work in bringing us the tools & material for us to have FUN & play with color! Believe me, there are a lot more harmful things out there that cause  disease -like (unforgiveness) just to name one!  Take care to sanitize; clean like Kaila; the book recommend (I'm an ex dental hygenist; know a bit about germs.  I've owned this book for a month & it really helps so much with measurements & color combinations, just these 2 phases alone will give you confidence to move ahead with mineral makeup. Happy Color Mixing & remember to wear your facemask, & gloves! PS I agree with Christine, You Rock Kaila! Rich Blessings!

          For someone who has never made lotions, this book is good.  It has alot of information, and recipes for face masks, lotions, and other things.  As far as the mineral make-up section, I am not that impressed.  For one, they list Ultramarine Pink for a lipstick blend, and this is not lip=approved in the US.  This may be a mistake, but it is a big one to me.  It was interesting to see how they create the mineral products...I would buy this book if you are 1. New to Bath and Body products, and 2. If you would like to try the mineral make-up recipes out.  I made 1 of the blushes, but used my own blush base, and altered it a little, and it came out fabulous!  So, it has inspired me, and has gotten my creative juices going where mineral make-up is concerned.  The blush colors are great looking, and they have a blush color for every type of skintone,and explains which blush is right for you:)

          This books holds so much info and ideas and easy recepies that also an absolut beginner can easily follow. I do not mind, that some ingredients are only available with TKB. I do buy all my colours here, so no problem for me. You will love the ideas for our men and p.e. solid perfume, fragrant stones, bodascrubs and so on.....

          I have just turned 12, and I an starting a cosmetics company with my birthday money. I found this book at the library a week or so ago, and I have discovered that I now want to be a chemical engineer who specializes in cosmetics. This book is amazing, and if you want smaller batches just do the math, because most of them you can split in half. There is literally everything in this book, including rosehip scar oil, which I need from my various scars from the years. (even though I'm only 12,) This book is the best thing a newbie in cosmetics could ever dream of.

          I got this book to go along with the full makeup kit. I had never made makeup before cracking this book. After a few weeks my kit and these recipes, I feel like an old hand. It is true that the recipes are too big (reduce them by a third and you're golden) and that this is a recipe book using specific ingredients and not a general reference. However, working through the book and making the recipes has really helped me understand the basics of formulation, and I'm starting to make successful substitutions, as well as making my own eyeshadow mixes, so success all around here. The foundation bases, btw, are fabulous; my favorite is the full coverage. Also, the color grinds are VERY good- true, skin-toned  shades all across the spectrum. The author said she took 2 years to perfect those recipes; I believe it, and I'm glad I don't have to go through the trial and error myself. Buy it, make fun stuff, be happy.

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