Boron Nitride
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Our Boron Nitride is a soft, silky white mineral powder. It is used as an additive to improve the "slip" of a product(how smoothly the product applies) as well as "adhesion" (how long it stays on the skin).

Boron Nitride is a natural, inert mineral and itis a useful additive to foundations, concealers, eye shadows, lipsticks, skin creams and face and body powders.

Generally used in amounts as follows:
 Pencils 1-5%
 Face/Body Powder 5-30%
 Foundations 3-7%
 Lipsticks 2-5%
 Eyeshadow and Blushes 5-40%
 Skin Care 3-10%

  • Ingredients: Boron Nitride.

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         Was in search of something  to help my darker shades of lipstick last longer while wearing.... This was the answer to my dilemma ? I used it I'm a dark purple and a deep dark brown.This product is EVERYTHING! !!

    I use this in my eyeshadow colors and it is wonderful! It helps with the adhesion, and also with the slip.  It also adds a depth of shine..I don't know how to explain it, but it is great!

    I love to use this when I want to add extra adhesion to TKB's colored micas. Works great especially with those micas that are a little darker like the Blackstar series as it does not lighten and is translucent enough to keep the beauty of the color.

    This is awesome when added to eye shadows, blushes and foundation. It provides better coverage, excellent slip and truly improves the quality of your product.

    The only thing I would change, is this stuff works better in a container rather than a bag.  I think it is because this is not a cheap powder, and you want every speck you can get.  Adds amazing slip to all applications including mineral veils!  

    I formulated a new foundation base and added the boron nitride which I had not used before. I was really pleased with the feel it gave to the powders. I think it gives a nice "high end mineral" feel. It does cost a bit more than my other base ingredients but I think the extra cost is well worth it.

    If you want your formulas feeling high end you'll love this stuff. It's silky, shimmery and a great alternative to bismuth.

    I like to use TIO2 and Magnesium Myristate in my eyeshadow,blush and foundation formulas but adding the smallest amount of Boron Nitride really gives them just what they need!

    This truly helped me a great deal tonight in formulating new matte eye colors.  Helped with powder flyaway during application, made product much smoother without changing the color and improved adhesion.  It is worth investing in for sure.  I'll be purchasing a larger quantity soon and adding to my foundations as well :0) Thanks Girls!

    Boron Nitride imparts that silky smooth, creamy gloss into products that really sets the low end from the high end apart. With that said, one really doesn't need very much to see a huge difference. In fact I advise restraint and to experiment with each formula. I easily get away with only 5% in some formulas or shades but have to go much higher in others. This is also a sort of matte alternative to adding Bismuth OxyChloride which some like myself are allergic to. A little is a lot as this stuff seems to stretch out well. I ordered only four ounces, but I honestly wish I had ordered eight ounces as I can see myself using so much of this in my products.

    Just got my sample today today, and so far I'm liking it.  It gave my finished product a nice slip and a beautiful shimmery effect without lightening the color too much. So far I've got no complaints about it :) Easy to use, loved the effect, and I only had to use tiny amount.

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