Synthetic Dome Kabouki
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Hello Goldilocks! Which synthetic brush will you choose? Shown from left to right are: Baby, Sister and Mama Dome Kabouki's.

  • Ingredients: Synthetic bristles.
  • Baby Synthetic Kabouki (Dome): 1-3/4" (44 mm) tip to tip; 7/8" (22 mm) in diameter.

    Sister Synthetic Kabouki (Dome): 2-1/8" (54 mm) tip to tip; 1-1/8" (29 mm) in diameter.

    Momma Synthetic Kabouki (Dome): 2-1/2" (64 mm) tip to tip; 1-3/8" (35 mm) in diameter.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    These brushes are the best ever!!! I have 2 big (momma) ones and 1 sister kabuki brushes. They are very very soft and durable. They dry faster (after wash) then natural brushes. These brushes don't shed at all!

    I thought my old kabouki was perfect but the Momma and Sister Kaboukis are better! I don't like to buff my make-up on, I'd rather just sweep it on and be ready to go. The Momma Dome Kabouki is HUGE and allows me to apply my foundation in three sweeps! The Sister size is better for girls who like to buff their make-up on. The brushes are incredibly soft and will not irritate sensitive skin.

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