Calcium Carbonate
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Base powder
  • Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate
  • Calcium Carbonate is found in chalk, limestone, marble and travertine. Even eggshells are 95% calcium carbonate!

    Calcium Carbonate has a gazillion uses that are not related to cosmetics. It is a filler in plastics, in paint, a whitening agent in ceramics, in toothpaste, to make chalk, it is used as a dietary supplment . . . and on and on.

    Calcium Carbonate absorbs moisture. So, it is often added to face powders to increase the ability of the makeup to absorb moisture.

    In cosmetics, Calcium Carbonate makes a great absorber in foundations, primers and finishing powders. Use in a percentage of about 2-5% of the formula to start.


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     Hello all - I've emailed twice trying to find out the origin of this product.  Limestone?  Oysters?  Would anyone that's used this plese tell me if the package contains this info?  I'm using two stars in hopes of catching attention.  Will of course change to 5 as soon as I can get the info. :-)  Thanks!  TKB responds:  Hee Hee, got our attention!  We have a call in to the manufacturer to find out and will let you know.

     I mix this with Kaolin Clay and Sericite to create an oil control powder and it works wonder at keeping my face fresh all day. Love it.

     I use this because it deters ants, I used to use ground chalk but this is so much better. I sprinkle some in a line along outside entryways where ants can get in, they don't like it for whatever reason. Keeps my apt. ant free throughout the warmer weather.

     Here is a little tip: Use this instead of the more expensive powders to do your mixtures in. I use this when I want to test out a color blend to see what the color will be, such as foundation blends.  It is inexpensive, and gives you the same results...SO it is great to test out foundation blends with, so you don't waste your other powders....I also like the ant control tip...Thanks!

     I mixed this with some Boron, Some of the Texture Base, and a dark mica to produce a matte pastel color and it really made it opaque :0) Applied to my eyes to see how drying it would be, and am happy to say my eyes are fine :0) and not dry at all. I used about 10% in the mix & am very happy I purchased this.  I'm expanding my makeup line because I am now also working as a makeup artist for ladies on their wedding day and you know, you just have to have matte colors that don't melt off your face in the southern humidity during the summer & when being photographed a zillion times!  Great stuff will be using alot of it

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