Castor Oil
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A staple oil for lip products, as well as other toiletries.

  • Ingredients: Castor Oil.

  • Castor oil is a main ingredient in lipsticks and lip balms. It is also popular in shampoo bars (because it produces and excellent, thick lather), as well as transparent soapmaking. Cold pressed.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.
     I took a tip from TKB and added the castor oil to the TKB lip balm base and it makes a great base for lip gloss. I like to add a couple other things to make the formula my own, but TKB could not have made it more simple to formulate a lip product.

     A must for making lipglosses, the 2oz bottle is perfect for traveling and formulation "on the go" and you don't want to carry around a huge bottle.

     I'm pleased with the quality of this castor oil.  I use it in glosses and in my CP soap.  Very good price, much appreciated.

     This is a price you can't beat!  It is the best price I have found.  This is a must need if you are going to formulate any lip products....It is great!

     Castor is the must have oil in every lippie, be it balm or stick. TKB sends the same wonderful quality every single time, and at one of the best prices around.

      Bought the sample size, enjoyed nice stable small-bubbles-made-of lather in my soap and here i am now comming back for more

     I'm from Singapore & it's almost impossible to find this here! I got it first with the lip balm kit. When I got my lipstick kit, I found the lipstick base too 'waxy' so I added castor oil. Lipsticks turned out pretty creamy and glossy!

     A true must for eye pencils and lip products for it's slip and sheen. This is not the same quality of castor oil you get in the supermarket or hardware store can. First off it clearly hasn't been sitting on a shelf since leggings were first really in fashion. I could tell how fresh my bottle of oil is compared to castor I've ordered elsewhere. This oil is also richer, just gloppy enough for the perfect texture in your product.  And best of all at truly one of the best prices around- and I've looked and sourced everywhere. I order it by the pound. And hopefully I'll be up to the gallon soon enough.

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Castor Oil has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 11 reviews.

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