Chameleon Fine
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Chameleon Fine is very complex and strong brown with red undertones.
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Iron Oxide (77491).

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

         This color is really crazy! It's like a rich reddish chocolately brown, but it has a cyan sheen. I took off a star because it's actually a bit difficult to blend, but it definitely deserves kudos for being so unique.

         Another mica that TKB carries that I am so in love with. This color also has multiple undertones along with the main color so that when used everyone will wonder how you could create something so gorgeous and think you are a true genius with color. Try it, you will never be disappointed.

         Vibrant and complex, it's it exactly as shown in the photo.  I love it... it's not for the timid though, it will definitely bring attention to your eyes.  Love it.

         This color reminds me of MAC Blue Brown Pigment. Very unique shade this is.

         Everybody says that this colour is just the same as MAC's Blue Brown. This is the most beautiful colour i've ever seen. As we say in France, un "must-have".

         It's brown, yes, but it's every other color, too. This is my go-to daily pigment.

         trust me, order at least 1oz, you will love it, it worth every penny

         This is my favorite TKB color. The brown has a goldish, reddish, greenish hue to it. It can be consider a duochrome becuase of the color shifting effects. It you want an earthtone with some spunk than get this color.

         This color looks like a neutral brown in the bag, but when applied the colors are duo-chromes of brown with shimmers ranging from turquoise to violet.  UD eat your heart out.  TKBtrading has the colors you sell at a fraction of your cost.

         This was the first mica I wore. I instantly loved it! It looks brown, reddish and has a nice green duo chrome  shine to it. Awesome overall!

         Yes, almost a perfect dupe for Mac's Blue Brown which also tends to pull red on my skin.  So, I decided to make a lip gloss with this using Versagel, a few drops of mauve lip color and a few drops of almond oil.  Makes a dark and complex lip color, perfect for fall.

         By Marsy
    I don't make eyeshadow yet but have added this mica to several of my lipsticks and lip stains and have had some truly unique colors in the end result. Just love this color !

         This color is breathtaking!...I love the dark brown color and the soft blue sheen that blankets itself over it!...It blended in with the soft mauve with no problem.  I think this will be one of my everyday colors from now on...TKB all of your colors have proven to be more than anything I could have asked for and more than I dreamed....YOU ARE AWESOME!...READY...SET...BUY MORE COLORS!   

         This is almost an exact dupe for Mac's "Club" or Too Faced "Petals to the Metal"  Fabulous color as are all the TKB Mica's.

         I have the MAC's Blue Brown pigment and it's an exact match. Definitely gonna buy the larger size.  In order to get the true color payoff for this color on brown skin, you gotta use a bright color.  Using TKB's Soft Aqua and Chameleon are the best pair ups together.

         This is one of those rare WOW colors that can be used for Lip Products and Eye Shadows . I never grow tired of using it and get great complements off of using it alone in shadows and glosses . The whole Chameleon Line is a gift from make-up heaven .

         MAC has a pigment called Blue-Brown for $15, Makeup Forever also has one for over $20. But if you are smart you should get this for $1.50 instead.

         I had issues deciding where to place this in my line up of colors after I put them in my little storage containers/toss up between brown or purple, then when I look closely, I see the blues and wanna sware I see some greens and maybe some little reddish sparks too!  It ended up with my purplish shades but is a color I will use often!  I like Nosy Be a little bit more/not much more/but I do tend to gravitate to the the flashier colors and ordered an ounce of Nosy be. Trying the Glitter as well on my next order.

         I mixed this with Luster Base to make a beautiful polish.  It dries a little on the matte side, so I use a shiny top coat.  This polish usually gets me compliments- it's adorable.  (I don't know if it stains, I always wear a base coat with all nail polish)
    I've also used this as a paint mixed with a clear base for small craft projects.  The sparks give an almost magical quality to my handiwork. 

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