Chromium Oxide Green
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Chromium Oxide Green is a flat, matte, medium green pigment.
  • Ingredients: Chromium Oxide (77288).
  • Used extensively in soapmaking as a non-bleeding color, used extensively as well in cosmetics to adjust hues in foundations, blushes, bronzers and similar products.

    Because it is a pure pigment, its color intensity is too strong to be used directly on the skin. It should be used as a color additive to a recipe (or you will look more like a green-faced clown than a pretty princess)!


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    This is another great eye shadow and mineral addition!  Add some of TKB's eye shadow base and this stuff is lovely.  Also great if you just mix a bit of pearl mica and create art on paper.  I love to draw.

    This is a lovely deep green pigment. I'll use this to make olive toned   mineral cosmetics or to tone down any pink/peach/red tones in commercially bought cosmetic powders. May also work nicely as a redness reducing color corrector, if added with (white) matte mica.

    This color is a must for anybody who LOVES their Greens ,this includes me. Very strong and does not disappoint but I noticed something neat about mixing it dry . I made a color mixing Nosy Be Chameleon (small amount), Off Spec White, Chromium Green Oxide,Prussian Blue (a touch) and Silver for an eyeshadow. When finished very thoroughly mechanically  blending, it looked like a measly light grey with green hilites. Something bizarre happened as it sat over night . The next day when showing off my new colors (I wanted to hide this one) it had turned into the most amazing vivid lush deep Sea Green that I have ever seen. It is like the green strengthened overnight . I know , it sounds kooky but it happened . I must upload a picture if its okay .  TKB Responds:  Send it to me at, sounds cool!

    I used this green for a swirl in cold process soap, worked well, I would describe this as a matte "kelly green" in cold process.  Folks in the south might also call it "John Deere" green.  :)  By any name it is a beautiful shade and dependable for CP.  

      The color is beautiful!  I am going to try and get creative with it. But when mixing with polish it has tiny clumps that I cant get out. tried using a mortar and pestle try putting a little bit in base and slowly mixing it in even tried letting it sit for day, days, week, & weeks and it still got tiny clups and very gritty. I will update with any results from other attempts to use.

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