Clear Painterly Pan
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Very Popular! This clear palette measures 1.5" (5.1 cm) wide and 5.25" (12.7 cm) long. 

In the second photo, the compact is shown with our 24x21mm tins, which is available for purchase on our site but not included on this page.

  • Ingredients: Plastic

  • You can pour your lipstick directly into the wells of the clear pan or, you can pour them into tins, which you then either glue or magnetize into the pan.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     Great for lip products, these are very large, the picture makes them seem small, I really love the size of these!

     I wanted to create my own lipstick and concealer palette and couldn't find anyone who carried them. When TKB got these I was thrilled. This tray is so affordable and is almost identical to the one Ben Nye uses for its Lip-gloss Palette.

     This item is perfect for making small amounts of lip colors so you can carry them in your purse and to have choices without having a lot of lipstick tubes cluttering up your makeup bag. Also the NEW lip brush fits perfectly in the tray.

     Love this little palette! I have filled mine with blushes, but I intend to add several more palettes to my next order for emptying those jars of little used blushes. I believe if the products are more user friendly in an easily viewed palette,
     I would use them more. I would buy 12 slot, 15 slot, and 20 slot palettes if they were available--these are so handy!
    Judy in Louisiana

     I got this palette, for melting my lipsticks, and it works great. But now I use it for my foundations, and concealer. This way i don't have to carry every every shade. A must have for makeup artists.

     I bought this along with the $15 lipstick kit. It's a good place to put different shade of lipstick on the go. It's pretty good quality, very clear transparent plastic.

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Clear Painterly Pan has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 10 reviews.

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