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This 2.25 inch (5.715 cm) plastic round compact snaps shut tight and is perfect for pressed powder or cream to powder products . . . or, use it to store little bitty things like beads?  

In the second photo, the compact is shown with our 57mm round tin, which is available for purchase on our site but not included on this page.

    • Ingredients: Plastic.

      Tins are not included

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           I love these in my makeup kit, I have so many of them and all kinds of different products to use them for and the plus side is that I can reuse them over and over again because of the 57mm pan and the holes on the bottom to remove the empty pan that holds the product. Every makeup artist should have these in their kit because you can see what you are grabbing  and I think it is less messy. With my Zpallets I all ways get product in another product and it can mess with my colors. To me they are easier and cleaner for my powders,foundation and blushes in my kit.

       I purchased these compacts for hot pour foundations. They worked out beautifully! There is no defect in the compacts the hole in the bottom is because they are refillable. In other words you can push the pan back out and replace with a new full pan.They worked great.

       These are excellent, high-quality compacts!  I use them for my lip and cheek tint product.  The clear plastic is sturdy and gives a good view of the product inside.  Just be sure to use the 57mm pans with them; fill the tin with your product and glue it to the bottom of the compact.

       These compacts are great, i like that they are clear and not inexpensive looking. They are great for powders or foundations. They are quite large, a 52 mm pan fits Inside with all that said i love them.

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      Clear Round Compact has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 9 reviews.

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      • Is it possible to see what the back of the compact looks like?

        We have updated the product listing to show a photo of front and back, thanks for the suggestion.

      • Hello! I was wondering what the best way to secure the pans to the bottom of the compact?

        A dot of glue (from a glue gun).

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