Coral Summer Lipstick Kit
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Everything you need to make at least 56 Coral Summer Lipsticks.  Approximately $55 value discounted to $49.00.  Great starter set to get your summer going!
  • Includes: 3 liquid Lip Colors (White, Red 30 and Yellow 6) in 1/2 fl oz bottles; 6 grams of MyMix Coral Mica, 80 grams of Lip Stick Base, Sample of Double Refined Candelilla Wax (6g), Mini 3oz Silicone Cup, Spatula, 10x15cc Spoons for measuring, and 56 Slim Lipstick Cases.  
  • Coral Summer Lipstick Ingredients:

    10 drops TKB Red 30 Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB Pigment White Lip Liquid

    10 drops TKB Yellow 6 Lip Liquid

    1 teaspoon TKB Lipstick Base

    10 Beads of Double Refined Candelilla Wax (0.15g approximately)

    15cc MyMix Coral

     On low heat, melt together TKB Lipstick Base and Double Refined Candelilla Wax.  Add 10 drops each of TKB Red 30, Pigment White and Yellow 6 Lip Liquids. Also add TKB's MyMix Coral and stir together until you have a creamy, smooth consistency.

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