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Our Reborn color family (fka Cosmetic Fluorescent) are cosmetic-grade pigments which are made by combining D&C certified dyes with a resin matrix technology. The result is clean, bright pigments with virtually no bleeding or stainingThis color IS blacklight reactive.
  • Ingredients:  Bis (Glycidoxyphenyl) propane / Bisaminomethyl-norbornane Copolymer, Aluminum Hydroxide, Red 28 (45410), Red 22 (45380).

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         I love it's color in cold process soap, I even blend it with other mica for a more intense color. Perfect!

         I just made a one pound batch of cold process soap that is scented with mimosa flower and mandarin orange scent. I wanted to give the soap a certain tone of pink swirl that would make the soap look like a mimosa flower. This color was perfect! I put 3/4 the batch of soap into the mold uncolored, then in the remaining bit I added 1/4 teaspoon of this colorant. It dissolved easily, and when adding it to the rest of the soap in the mold, I was able to make the swirl without it bleeding into the rest of the uncolored soap. A little bit of this color goes a long way, so use sparingly. Thank you for a perfect color, TKB :)

    I was looking for a color that would match up with MAC's 'Magenta Madness' for a nail polish color and this certainly is is! Amazing color.

    I used this for a lippie, i mixed it with the fluo soft pink to get the perfect bubblegummy-mega-pink-UVreaktive color for a party.

    (Be carefull though since these colors dont respond well to high heat, like melting in the microwave to pour in tubes)

    clumps in nail polish, doesn't mix... However its a beautiful color

    Must have for a girlie/valentines look.

    It would be nice if this color was available where it was approved to use around the eyes but it's still a great color =]

    only problem is i know someone on etsy that is selling them as eyeshadows... what can i do to save the people that buy her products and use them? 

    only problem is i know someone on etsy that is selling them as eyeshadows... what can i do to save the people that buy her products and use them? 

    There isn't much you can do as far as stopping her/him from selling the product,but you can address the issue on your blog(if you have one) or make a video on youtube,letting people know it isn't approved for eyes and they shouldn't buy it.

    You can contact Etsy and let them know that the FDA does not approve for use around eyes and report the person. Hopefully Etsy will have then remove the product or put a disclaimer that it is not for eyes.

    thanks ladies the seller ended up putting a disclaimer up on her site... i would rather have my eyelids in tact with an FDA approval than this... but i'm thinking of adding this color to my soaps!


    TKB can you please try and match this color for use around eye!

    I use this pigment in one of my most popular polishes. It goes on great and wears like a dream. I love this pigment.

    Omg Boston loves Barbie!!! this color is sooo vivid my phones mega pics turn it orange. Unreal lipgloss love love love besides the drama on prior reveiws there others are on the money!!!! Trust me you need this

     i love this color, it is so bright and neon. my favorite out of all the colors i have.

    makes an excellent blacklight lip gloss with the versagel.

    IT's so BRIGHHHT, I love it. I bought it KNOWING it was not approved for use around the eyes, BUT i might have to anyone and take a risk, because this is AMAZING.!.! 

    The FDA gives no reason to why these arent eye approved when neon colors are eye approved all around the world. Makeup companys put a disclaimer that way they can sell it in the US.

    I love this color (all the fluorescents actually) and after reading the link posted, I want to buy them and use them as eyeshadows too. Has anyone used these colors in nail polishes yet? That is the other thing I am thinking of doing.  

    This color performed well in cold process soap and the color is super neon.

    Beautiful colour. And I'm lucky to live in Spain, 'cos for the EU this pigment is safe for eyes :-D

    unfortunately it doesn't mix well in polish. Not only that, it tends to end up looking more orange-y than pink in polish. Still looks amazing though!

    I have used the neons as an eye shadow mixed with other bases & have had no problems. If you sell it you just need to advise the buyer that its not eye approved they use at their own risk

     There are many things that are said to be safe for one part of the body and not the other. As a skincare specialist, if there is a concern about wearing it on the eyes " because they are more sensitive" then why would you wear it on your lips- which is a direct way for you to swallow some and get into your blood stream? Fact is  EVERYTHING you put on your skin is absorbed into your blood stream depending on molecular structure.

    So, with that being said it is a beautiful color that may be fine for some and maybe not for others  as with any and every product- please do more research before being ready to "blow the whistle" on someone. Oh, and the FDA approves many toxic chemicals for cosmetic use. We all have intelligence to use it for ourselves. On another note I LOVE TKB'S products- glad I found this site!!!

    I absolutely love this color and would like to wear it as an eyeshadow. I tried mixing it with a base and using it loose, but it just doesn't stick. Pressing it turned out to be a disaster as it hardened and changed color. Has anyone had any success using the fluorescents around the eyes? TKB Responds:  this particular color is not approved by the FDA for use in eye products, nor any of the other Fluorescents.

    I cannot say enough about how wonderful this color is in cold processed soap. You can get anywhere from a light pink if you mix a small amount with titanium dioxide all the way to a hot pink if you use more. It's the one color I hope to never be without,I love your prices and service too, thanks!

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