Cosmic Carolyn
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My family had four children, all about 15 months apart. Boy Boy Girl Girl. "Cosmic Carolyn" is named after the baby of the family. It is a youthful, precious pink for lips and cheeks. Similar to Pearl Pink but less blue, similar to Cotton Candy but more pigmented and less sparkly. 
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Red #30 (73360).

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    this color looks darker in the bag but when you put it on it's almost exactly like in the picture!  it's a lovely bubblegum pink :)

    I use this color in alot of lippies.  I would be lost without it:)  I highly recommend this mica.  I also have used it in a blush, and it came out AWESOME!!!  I wouldn't hesitate to buy this mica, it is well worth it:)

    This is a BEAUTIFUL color! Too bad it can't be an eyeshadow, it is the PERFECT pink! :)

    The colour's beautiful! Great for pretty girl lipsticks! :)

    This settles out to be a shade VERY similar to Raspberry Pop, so if anyone is missing it, this could be your go-to color.  It was a frightening shade of yellow/orange when I cut my soap, but it turned quickly and has stayed a very nice medium pink.

    This may be my new favorite Pink for CP soap. 1 TBSP ppo and it's a wonderful natural pink. Bump it up to 2 TBSP ppo and deep pink. Bubblegum would be the closest pink word to describe  

    I am absolutely in love with this pink!The color is so cute and girly, I use it in almost all of my lippies. It is also perfect in a bubblegum blush

    This is a great mica for cold process soap, produced a raspberry pink with 2 teaspoons per pound. It was a nice medium pink through pour till cutting, and hasn't morphed at all.

    hands down my favorite Pink in soap. Brilliant light or heavy handed. Love this color.

    In CP soap color did not morph or change - exactly as it looks in photo above & in package. Great & unusual (yet beautiful) pink color.

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Cosmic Carolyn has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 13 reviews.

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