Cotton Candy
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Cotton Candy is super sparkly. It starts out a pink's pink and you can rub it down to be less color and more simply a highlight on the face or lips.

  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Red #40 (16035), Palmitic Acid, Hydrogenated Polybutene.

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        Based from the picture I thought this would be PEACHY but it is not. I guess I didn't read the reviews OOPS! It's still beautiful for blushes.. I did need a darker pink color and had to order Shimmer Raspberry Pop

    I have the old CC and this and they're not the same. It's more like a, "tangerine,' according to the number 2 son. To me it's a pretty coral, but not cotton candy. I like it, but I need the cotton candy I had before. I have a little still, but not enough. I guess I like it off spec. :) You all may love it.

     This is a mica that can add the "SPARKLE" to your entire line. It is girly and so fanciful. I find it doesn't work well alone unless you apply a primer first. But when used in body shimmers it is amazing. It is also great to add radiance to your existing eye shadows.

     I have a lot of micas and pigments and there are some that I just flip over.  This is one of them.  It has this girly girl feel to it (and I'm 50) and it's not off putting to wear.  Gorgeous gold sparkle throughout but also soft.  Gray haired friends out there?  Pony up gals, you'll love this.

     This color is absolutely gorgeous.  It has a hint of pink, with what seems like gold sparkles.  Very beautiful! 

     I've just found my new favorite pink eyeshadow EVER!  This is a MUST have for all you girly girls :)

     I'm more in to matte than sparkles, but this is still a fun color! Actually, the COLOR is rather sheer, and the sparkles dominate. Despite being super-sparkly, this mica is also very soft, and it makes a super-fun lipgloss and can be mixed with a more matte pink/red to make a shimmery cream blush.

     Very soft and feminine with a bit of sparkly wow. Absolutely LOVE!! You’ll need a good base to make it stick because it is very glittery. Whither alone, mixed, patted atop another color, or in the corner to brighten the eye you will simply love this!

     I am so in love with cotton candy. I usually don't go for pinks and peachy colors but this is absolutely gorgeous.

     I got this color in my sample pack. I applied it as it is (no added base powders) on top of NYX eyeshadow base in skin tone, on my eyelids...I added a little bit of deeper pink on the outer V of my eyes. I left it on all day from 9am to midnight...and it did NOT fade! my eyes remained sparkly all day long...I love the glittery effect it gave my eyes...the light sheer color made my eyes look bigger and the glitter is not glaringly obvious... just perfect if you love shimmers and sparkly stuff like me!

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Cotton Candy has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 12 reviews.

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