Crucible Red
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Our Forged and Crucible Colors are pure metallic effect pigments (no mica, no titanium dioxide, no iron oxides or dyes).  Not recommended for use in nail polish at this time.
  • Ingredients: Copper Powder (77400), Silicon Dioxide (77811).
  • Not recommended for use in nail polish at this time.


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    The picture shows sort of a drab reddish purple color with brown spots but it's not at all like this.  It's a deep metallic red color.  I've actually found that it makes a nice burgundy when mixed with other colors, but of course it's super on it's own, no fillers needed.

    I use this as an earthy, but interesting eyeshadow.  You can start dry with some matte texture base, but when it you wet it that's when the fun starts.  Retains it's best color over a dark base, when wet and patted.

     I have found that if I apply it by patting instead of sweeping, there is little to no color change. I think most of my problem was that I overworked it (too much rubbing/blending). I think the base used might have an effect as well. When I use it directly on my skin or over foundation, almost no color shift. Over NYX eye base, there seems to be more. Just my 2 cents. The last thing I will say is that this is my favorite color. It is so deep and dramatic.

    I have very dark eyes and use dark eyeshadows and liners.  I mixed this with the black mica and the color was particularly rich and sumptuous. Beautiful shade. Used as a shadow at the outer corners of my eyes.  Thanks, Charlene

    Yet another color from TKB's crucible line that is excellent.

    My favorite red to use when creating a very deep and romantic kiss me red. This is one red I will never allow myself to run out of. 

     I am starting to make melt and pour soap. I have most of TKB colors. Can I use crucible red in my soap? TKB Answers:  We don't recommend it.  The color tends to turn brown in soap.

    I love True Blood vampy looks and Amy Lee of Evanescence's forlorn look.  This is the perfect color for that look.  Crucible Red's metallic blackish red looks is perfect for fang banger wannabes like me.  Use a dark eyeshadow base for a smokey look.

    so glad I got this, when mixed with a little base and some silica and used with a very light hand makes a gorgeous night time blush for that *sunburnt* effect without the sun exposure 

    I bought this along with many other pigments for making fingernail polish. This one has beautiful metallic red shine when dry but when mixed with (clear) fingernail polish it becomes a dark orange. This is a very nice color as well but not what I'd expected.

     It's a beautiful blackish metallic red, but when I apply it, it turns slightly orange-y and brassy (no longer deep red). STILL very beautiful, and I still use it. Is there a way to prevent the color shift? I'm guessing it is a PH thing.

     Beautiful, unique color, but it does change to a brassy bronze/orange. On the bag, it does say that it is unstable in high ph. I certainly wish that was in the description before I got it. Great adhesion, however.

    For cosmetics other than nail polish, this is great. Superb metallic look but when used in nail polish it turns into a mess. There is a chemical reaction that takes place. Be aware what you are buying it for.

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Crucible Red has a rating of 4.2 stars based on 18 reviews.

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