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Lightweight silicone oil.

    • Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane.

      Silicones are intregral to high-end cosmetic formulating. They are used in all kinds of products: hair, skin, personal lubricants. Silicones can make the bulk of a formula (as in a hair "shine spray" or be a small addition to one (as in a lotion looking for improved spreadability).

      Cyclopentasiloxane. This product is considered a "volatile fluid" in that it will disappear into thin air if you leave it uncovered (just like alcohol). Very lightweight!
    • Viscosity: 4
      Flash Point: relatively low flash point of 77C (169F), making it a semi-hazardous product to handle. Keep away from flames and sparks.
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    Questions & Answers

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    • Is this vegan? Im assuming but want to make sure.. I've been trying to make liquid highlighters that won't separate.. After that YouTube video I thought this may help?

      It is vegan, yes.

      In the formula you mention, Cyclopentasiloxane makes the product go smoothly on the skin and dry down quickly without being drying.  It is not there to make the pigments not separate.  To make pigments not separate you would probably want to add a wax to the formula, for example  sunflower wax or ozokerite.  Just a little bit will make the formula creamy and keep pigments in suspension.

      Kaila Westerman

    • I can use cyclopentasiloxane and silicone gel to mix them together to make a liquid lip gloss. I'm not sure what to choose? Can help me respond soon!

      You could, it would produce something and that something would be safe for use on the lips. However,  I'm not sure that it will produce what you are looking for.  The best thing is to start with a premade base (like our Versagel) and tweak it, or to start with a recipe which has a specific measure of ingredients.  

      In our experience, it is really hard to come up with a finished product by just starting with a variety of ingredients and blending them together randomly.  Kind of like trying to produce a great cookie by having butter, eggs, flour and sugar in front of you but no starting point recipe to tweak from.

      Kaila Westerman

    • Can this product be used in place of alcohol?

      Depending on your intention, if you are thinking you want something volatile that will evaporate off over time but start by wetting your product, I think you could certainly give it a try.

    • Can this product be used to make a glitter liner?

      This product may be used on the skin and near the eyes with no concern.  

    • Can this be mixed with water

      The product is insoluble in water and would not mix.

    • how much ratio or drops would be needed for liquid highlighters?

      We suggest you check out the highlighter recipe here:

    • can this product be used with micas to create pressed eye shadows?

      Yes, it may.  The product may be rubbed directly onto the skin at 100% concentration with no particular concern of irritation (super sensitive people of course may exist).  It may also be used in the eye area.

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