D&C Green #5 Pure Dye (90%)
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Green #5 is a PURE dye, not a lake dye. As a result it is messier to work with than the lake dyes and you also need far less of the material.
  • Ingredients: Green 5 (61570).

  • In the USA, there are only four dyes approved for use around the eyes: Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5 and Green 5. We sell the first three colors as "lake" dyes, however Green 5 is only available as a pure dye (90% strength). As a result it is more expensive than a lake color and a little messier to work with.

    Still, it blends easily with colored micas and other colors to lend a blue-green, grey-green hue to your blends. In the photo above, we show the pure dye on the right, and then on the left we show the results of mixing this pure dye with our Velvet white using the "mix in a bag" method (no grinder needed).

    This product is NOT Batch Certified.

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