D&C Red 27 Alum Lake
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5/17/16 UPDATE: We now carry a newer version of the RED # 27 Lake, it is a bit less "hot pink" in it's hue and is now at a dye load of 16-18%. (Our older version was at a 21% pure dye, see comparison in photo gallery).

Bright, almost fluorescent pink lake dye. Appropriately used to dye products for personal use for cosmetics generally, but not for eye area use.

  • Ingredients: Red 27 (45410:1). The product is not Batch Certified.
  • The dye load of this product is 17%.

    Batch Certification Disclaimer: This product is NOT "Batch Certified".


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     I made a 15ml bottle of beautiful linear polish. I used 1 pinch of the D&C Red 27 Alum Lake. I had the polish on a week, now my pinky is dyed pink :/ lol.
    Wish I can load a pic.

     If you want to make a perfect brilliant pink lippie, this color is it! It even looks good on with my pale complexion that can't normally use colorfull lipsticks, it even matches my hair. Or try it with some white mica to make it more opaque and lighter, works great on "pale-faces".

     This is a wonderful color to add to personal soaps.  Don't use too much though, it could stain the tub. I would say it is more like a bright pink rather than a red.  For personal use, only!

     I love this for hot pink blushes and lip colors.

     I love this to make lipsticks. Please add the order box I need it so bad!! TKB Responds:  will be back in stock today!

    Lots of this + hilite blue = wowoah

     For those of you that dont know, This is BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE and this is a NEON pink, and it is a great alternative to the strong florescent pink that is also available here. Definitely nice.

     I have loads of this color, because i know the picture doesnt show it, but it is a great alternative to their flouescent strong pink. it is very close in color! aswell it is black light reactive!!! i absolutely LOVE this color for lippies!

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D&C Red 27 Alum Lake has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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