D&C Red 33 Alum Lake
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This dye is a blue-red, more purplish or magenta than true red.
  • Ingredients: Red 33 (17200).

    Appropriately used to dye products for personal use but not for lip products if over 3% by weight of product.

  • This product is NOT Batch Certified.


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    It looks exactly like the pic. Order it, it won't disappoint u!

     Use a dab of this with TKB Matte Eye shadow base and you will have a pretty blush for a cool skin tone.

     Using a small amount (1/2 gram to 1 gram per 1 lippie)This Magenta/Red Purple adds such a pretty pop as a translucent base or a primary color in my lip gloss recipes. I Especially Love the way it appears with TKB’s "Pinky-Pink Reflects"... Using a very small amount as a light tone base-The combo mentioned is strikingly familiar to MAC's "Funtabulous" DazzleGlass Lip Gloss. It's a fun color to work with & has a wide variety of uses...Loving this Color...

     If you are needing a deep purple (feeling a little Gothic )this is your color. Amazing on cool skin tones in blush or a pinch in lip balm or lipstick . Really great addition to any collection.

    looks identical to picture

     This color is NOT stable in high PH.  It makes a horrible mess in cold process!  

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