Dimethicone 350
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Lightweight silicone oil.

    • Ingredients: Dimethicone.
      Silicones are intregral to high-end cosmetic formulating. They are used in all kinds of products: hair, skin, personal lubricants. Silicones can make the bulk of a formula (as in a hair "shine spray" or be a small addition to one (as in a lotion looking for improved spreadability).
    • This product has a medium viscosity and is considered a non-volatile fluid.
      Viscosity: 350
      Flash Point: 157C (315F)
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    Questions & Answers

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    • Can this product be used to make lipstick a more matte look?

      We have a customer that states that this is the case.  We have tried it.  It is not going to make that transfer resistant, smudge proof matte liquid lipstick that people are often going for, but it will slightly mattify an existing lipstick.

    • Is this product vegan?

      Yes, it is.

    • What is the difference in the 1.5, 200, and 350? which would be best to ue when pressing pigments/micas?

      How thick they are.  1.5 is thin like water, 100 is thicker, and 350 is thick like honey.   Also, the 1.5 is volatile, which means it disappears into the air somewhat quickly.  I would recommend the 100. (We don't sell a 200 at this time).

    • So your saying that as in making a lipstick from scratch and I add this .It will make it Matte ?

      No, not necessarily.  It depends on your recipe.  In our FAQ we had indicated that a customer had luck with mattifying our Lip Stick Base by adding this ingredient.

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