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DISCONTINUE by Gina ( 01/20/2017) Echo

Soft peachy-pink with blue violet glow.

  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Iron Oxide (77492).

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         When I first swatched it, I fell in love. Then when I wore it to work on my eyes, everyone else fell in love with it too!! I love how iridescent it is. I can't wait to try out the other colors I bought!

        No matter what you mix with it, it still comes out purplely blue. It's a beautiful purple, but if you are selling this color, unless they can sample it or see it on someone first, a customer would think it was a pink or a tan.

         This is one of my favorite micas to reach for. It has undertones along with the color you see and when added to other micas creates unusual and sought after colors.
    You can never go wrong using this color!!!

         This is what I use to go more neutral for day wear, but also has a sassy side whit the color changing :)

         This is a sweet shade and so flirty! It offers a nice glow effect with a soft blue, purple & peachy undertone. It is so nice when made as a highlighter. This will produce amazing effects for eye shadows.  

         This is a very interesting color. It appears to be a very light, tan type color, but when applied a blue hue comes through. It adds a ghostly effect to any natural eyeshadow look and makes a strange, glowy highly color for the eyes or cheeks.

         Boring in the pan, magical when activated.  I used this wet with some texture base and it was a stunning wash to the brow-bone.  Takes on an opal sheen with blue/purple.  Try this instead of a neutral matte.  Practically ran to the computer to review this.

         I have hazel eyes/dark hair and usually can't get away with any type of blue on my lids- but Echo creates more of a blu-ish glow that looks great! One of my favorites of TKB.

         This is a beautiful mica, i did a swatch on my arm when i got it and my jaw dropped its so pretty. I'm gonna set aside some,add some MM to it for adhesion and used it as a shadow. :-)

         Makes a gorgeous highlighter. Gives a off an angelic blue-purple color that will stand out from the rest!

         I am a duochrome fanatic, and this color is definitely on the top list of my favorites. It is such a magical color I can not even begin to describe its beauty. I love to use it on the inner corner of my eye and as a brow highlight as well as over a black liner.Woah mama! Best 1.50 ever spent.

         I got my order when I was on my way out to run errands. I could not wait until I returned home, So I tested a few while in the car. OMG, this color is such a  pleasant surprise, a good choice for brown eyed girls.

         Mix this and some mermaids gold in some of TKB's lip gloss base and WOW

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Echo has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 16 reviews.

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