Extender White
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A mica blended with titanium dioxide for use as a base powder
  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891).
  • Extender White (aka Ultra Silk Mica) is a blend of Mica and Titanium Dioxide. Its best use is as a"filler" or "extender" for matte cosmetics. It isrelatively translucent and non-whitening and also has a low luster.

    When Iwas a tomboy growing up in Southern Indiana my mother never complained about the ground-in red dirt at the knees of myhand-me-down jeans.She understood.How else was I expected to study the exploits of our backyard's black and red ants?

    But, if I were to smear the same intense, staining red on my eyelids and lips and call it cosmetics --- urrgh. Not so much.

    Similarly, if you are making a purely matte product you will want to thin down your intense, pure pigments (such as red oxide, brown oxide, black oxide, ultramarine blue ... ) with something that has good adhesion, relative translucency, and low luster.

    In the past I've recommended our custom-blendedTKB Matte Texture Base but, to be fair, Extender White is probably a better option.

    Try it, love it, thank me for it later. Just as I thank my Mom. Here she is, at age 80. Thank you Mom for letting me be a tomboy and for teaching me how to live a happy and healthy life.


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I have problems making my matte colors too chalky when I mix up my own batch of mica & titanium. This takes the guesswork out! You get a more translucent base so your colors aren't too diluted yet helps improve the slip of your formulations.So glad TKB sells this!

    This definitely helps in the conundrum that is matte cosmetics. It prevents any weirdness that results from a base that is missing some of the essentials and doesn't cloud up the color.

    I use this base for all of my blends...It is absolutely a must have for eyeshadows.  It helps to loosen them up, and it helps with the slip, adhesion, and wear of the eyeshadows. It also works with shimmers and pops...Not just for making matte colors..I use it everyday when I make up my blends! This is a must have!

    I have been using this for all of my Pop colors and eyeshadows, and it is working perfectly.  I used this for all of the recipes I made for the shimmer colors, and it is wonderful.  The pops adhere better with this base.  I use this for ALL of my eyeshadows, especially the TKB base too, which I love. Right now, I have more of the extender white, and I am using this in the matte recipes too.  Working great too.  But I would definitely buy both of the bases, TKB base, and the extender white.  I have use the extender white as a back up for when I don't have that much TKB base left, and I also use this one just for my pop colors, and my matte colors.  Like, I said, Buy both of them because they are both great, and you can decide which base works better for your eyeshadows...

    I got a mixture that I picked myself for bases on my first order and I HAD to get it! Compared to the TKB Matte Base it is much more opaque white and seems to be completely matte. The opaqueness is what I love most about it!!! I've been able to make very light colors using VERY dark micas that have turned out exactly as I hoped they would!!  I also didnt have to use as much "base" due to opaqueness...and therefore my finished pigments were much less diluted than they would have been using TKB Matte Base.  I love TKB Matte Base also...like when I want to dilute pigment :).
    I just started all this DIY makeup so I'm not the on to ask ... oops. LOL

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Extender White has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 5 reviews.

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