FD&C Red 40 Alum Lake
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Red #40 is a dye commonly found in foods, drugs and cosmetics.
  • Ingredients:  Red 40 (16035). 
    Appropriately used to dye products for personal use.
  • This product is NOT Batch Certified.


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         I was planning to use red iron oxide to replace this matte red. I am so happy that did not do it as planned. This is a real red, just like Angenita said, it is a RED red... Very beautiful and intense. But probably like titanium dioxide, you have to grind it before use, which is not a problem for me, because I grind all my matte pigments... :)

    Easiest way to get a nice matte red eyeshadow, add some Hot Mama or Queen Kathryn  to get a red with some sheen instead.

     This red is as red as red can be. Get your color wheel out and you'll see it matches pure red.Elizabeth, here's a tip to make dispersing, dissolving or mixing dry powders into oils/waxes easier: wet them overnight before mixing them into your base. If you make your own base and use one or more butters in them: use a silicon sheet or baking paper, weigh your butter (use the softest of your butters), put a clump on the sheet. Weigh your powder and put it next to your clump of butter. Use 2 palette knives (painters knives) and mix your powder into your butter in small amounts. The way painters mix a putty: cut a little butter and a little powder, mix by cutting and spreading it on the sheet until all the powder is in your butter. Let it sit overnight and the next day you can mix this into your other ingredients with ease. No hot spots of color this way.

    Perfect Red! And best of all, its approved for the eyes!!!

    This i must give my 5 stars because it is so super red. it works GRAND in my red eyeshadow's to make it a true red. i definitely LOVE this one and will come back when i am out. i got 4 ounces and it is ALOT!

    This is a true red, i know the photo shows a salmon pink, but it is far brighter in person. awesome color!

    Isn't there a way to buy this with the batch certification intact?  It makes an almost ketchup red color - like you'd see on a geisha.  You need a lot of it to be potent enough however.  And, it does not fully dissolve.  I mixed a lipstick batch with this for over 20 minutes and still had settling of little clumps.  The "dregs" so to speak didn't ever disappear. If I were to use it again I would probably grind it with a mortar and pestle before adding to my lipstick base.  This is a McDonald's red red.  The huge bummer of this color, of course, is that you cannot use it in commercial formulations - just personal use.  

    This is a Christmas Red in CP Soap.

    This is a nice red color used often in commercial cosmetics, like the 120 or 88 palette, if you love the reds in those palettes then get this.

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FD&C Red 40 Alum Lake has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 2 reviews.

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