Ferric Ferrocyanide
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This item is currently sold out. The estimated restock date is not yet determined at this time. (Updated by Steve)
This item is currently sold out. The estimated restock date is not yet determined at this time. (Updated by Steve).


Ferric Ferrocyanide is a flat blue pigment also known as Iron Blue and Prussian Blue.

  • Ingredients: Ferric Ferrocyanide (77510).

    In cosmetics, the color is typically used in eye shadows. It is a bright, intense blue, with a much stronger dye load than the alternative pigment, Ultramarine Blue.

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

     This is a strong intense blue!  GRIND good or it will be real gritty!  Purchased one, and went back for another. My aunt loves it when I make a "blue velvet" eye shadow.

     You can not beat the price on bulk amounts .

      I love this bright blue color, but just a warning: if you don't use a base, there is a good chance it will stain your skin. And I agree, it is gritty. There's quite a bit of fallout when used straight from the package.

     Definitely use a base,I always do. This is an absolute intense deep blue. I'm in love!

    I love this color so much I got 4 oz and on next order will get 8 oz. I have lost count of how many colors I have made using FF-Blue (or Prussian Blue) . I am lucky because I have a small mechanical make-up blender just for these type products. No grit or fallout. Just a great great color and a must for lovers of blue shadows and polish. 

     This is the most intense blue that I've ever come across! A little goes a long way. 

    I got this for making greens since Chronium Green is viewed to cause health problems. It only takes a tiny bit and is super messy. Even though I wear gloves, I still get it on my hands and it stains my grinder (which I have always thoroughly cleansed) and is hard to get out. I like it, just wish there was a less messy alternative that was safe. I haven't noticed grit but I have noticed some fallout. It is very messy. Wear protective or old clothing. TKB responds:  to clean your grinder, try grinding a really inexpensive powder such as kaolin clay.  It will pick up the sloppy seconds of color in the grinder.  When the powder comes out almost clean, then you can use alcohol.

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