Forged Gold
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Super-saturated metallic.  No recommended for use in Nail Polish at this time.
  • Ingredients: Copper (77400), Zinc (77947), Silicon Dioxide (77811).
  • Not recommended for use in Nail Polish at this time.


  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I LOVE this color! It has good staying power I don't even have to mix it with anything (I do use eye primer though). Mix it with other colored micas and you get beautiful metallic shades.

     If you like gold, then this is the color you have dreamed of!  In the package, it's so metallically pigmented that it looks like a sheet of gold leaf foil. Only when you open it up do you see it's a powder. Simply said, it's a magical majestic color. It works so well as a liner and if you have green or hazel eyes, this color will look amazing on you. Get some and see for yourself! I'm not kidding!

    This is like Illamasqua's Liquid Gold from their sirens collection but at such a nice price.  It is another of the metallic collections TKB carries that does not need any other additive since it sticks to skin without.  It is an amazing BRIGHT shade of gold.  It's got so much depth that other colors can't touch.

    when I think of GOLD this is what I think of when I think of gold, it is GORGEOUS and almost looks like molten gold... spectacular foiled but also great dry, very nice in bronzer

    I'm not even in to gold and I love this! Foil this mica and it looks like liquid gold. This is seriously gorgeous; it has possibly changed my mind about golds forever, and it's worth every penny!

    I made the most beautiful nail polish with this pigment. It literally looks like I melted 24K gold and painted it on my nails. Just STUNNING!!!!!!

    Not for nail polish. For cosmetics other than nail polish, this is great. Superb metallic look but when used in nail polish it turns into a mess. There is a chemical reaction that takes place. Be aware what you are buying it for.

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Forged Gold has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 9 reviews.

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