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We know you are out there. You who type the word "freebie" or "free" into our search box in hunt of all our free handouts.

But why you workin' so hard? Click once on this sampler and be done!

Our freebie sampler includes whatever freebies we are handing out. If you order the sampler, though, it wipes out any other freebie orders. You only get one per order, and you don't get to double up.

Fair enough?

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           I ordered twice last week and yesterday but i didnt know about this until i watched last night the girl on youtube who is TKB addicted she mentioned on her video that if you type free on the search engine you will see the free sample i just saw it now and its happy for you guys,.i will not forget this free items when i order again,.hehehehe.. 

           You never know what your will get, but it is always good and high quality.  Put it in your cart!!

           get it!

           I love these little samplers! The ONLY problem I have with these is my mom always comes over when I get in a new order and she snags them. You should include 2 per order for those of us with family with sticky fingers.

           Who doesn't love some free goodies with their order! Thanks so much, TKB ROCKS!

           I always forget to order this, but when I do remember I get so excited! An awesome little baggie of goodies!

           My freebie this time around was an adorable powder puff and two scoops :) thank you so much tkb for even giving us an option of a little free fun!

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