Git 'er Done
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This 9.5" long (23.8 cm) stainless steel stick with heat-resistant silicone tips on each end is the perfect solution for cleaning out and getting at the last luscious little bits of powder left in a TKB sample bag.

    • Ingredients: Silicone and stainless steel. 
    • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

       I barely use this, it's a lot easier to use my 5 metal spoons set 

       it's alright. the scraper side tends to flip out and splatter powders if you try to actually scrape with any force, so it's not useful for getting anything out of my mortar. its too large to be useful in many of my smaller baggies. so i'm with "tu anh"...i go for my metal measuring spoons moreso. luckily it's not expensive. but no more mess has not been my DOES clean easily though since it's silicone, so that's a plus.

      for some odd reason, i was expecting it to be smaller. i dont know why. its perfect. i love it!

      I saw this on the site and didn't ask any questions, didn't wait for a review, a note, nothing. I had just decided to toss my micas left in the bags, and changed my mind. My husband said, "why do you need that?" I had no answer. I smiled and shrugged. It came today and I spent an hour scraping out my baggies and love it. You need it. I promise.

      I just got this yesterday, and I love it already! Easy to use, a snap to clean and it does the job beautifully! No more mess! I'm getting another. Never hurts to have a backup! 

      i got my shipment yesterday, transferred all my micas into jars and this thing gets every last tiny particle out. not the easiest thing to use, but definitely good once you jiggle it around to get into the corners. but haven't quite found a use for the big spoon end.

      Why did I think of this? I could have been rich!

      I use this to scoop the TKB lip balm base out of it's bag. It's long enough so you dont have to stick your hands inside the bag and acts as a measuring spoon as well! It's my new favorite tool!

      I don't know how I hadn't stumbled on this item before, because it could have saved a lot of previous headaches for me, especially with removing liquids from & cleaning glass bottles. Wrap a paper towel around the end, and it's magical. Scrapes off drying on stuff that doesn't want to come out with acetone and the like.  Really really handy.

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    Git 'er Done has a rating of 4.6 stars based on 10 reviews.

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