Hilighting Drops Starter Kit Redux
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A kit to create your very own highlighting liquid inspired by the video of Katelyn Galloway (KikiG).  Please support Katelyn by subscribing to her channel here:


Please note:  We created this kit because we think Katelyn's recipe is simple and easy to follow with inexpensive and generally safe ingredients.  Nonetheless, Katelyn has very reasonably asked us to remind her fans that by mixing up your own cosmetics you are responsible for verifying that the ingredients are not irritating to your skin.  Also, we strongly encourage you to use the preservative which is included in the the kit at the percentages she mentions: 1 -3 drops per 1/2 ounce bottle of product.  Please don't use more thinking that it will make your product safer, or you will make a product which may irritate your skin.  Please don't skip it because it will make a product that is unstable over time.

  • All the tools and ingredients needed to make 5 different highlighting colors in 5 1/2 fl oz bottles, see FAQ for listing.   Here is the recipe that Katelyn provides:
    Mix approximately 1 tsp grape seed oil with 2 tsp cyclopentasiloxane and 2 tsp of your desired pigment in your silicone bowl and stir with whisk. Each sample bag contains about 3 teaspoons.  After testing the color for consistency, you may add all the rest of the sample bag.  It can take a little bit of back and forth to find the perfect consistency and, surprisingly, each color is a little different.  Also add 1-3 drops of preservative.  Add 3 mixing beads to your dropper bottle, and pour the mixture into the bottle.
  •  Included:

    - 5 flint glass ½ ounce dropper bottles

    - 6 grams each (about a tablespoon) of the five different colors mentioned in the video.

    - 2 fl oz Grapeseed oil

    - 2 fl oz Cyclopentasiloxane

    - 1/2 fl oz Cap-5 Preservative

    - Pack of 30 Economy Mixing Monster Beads

    - 1 Silicone Melter Bowl  (color will vary)

    - 1 Whisk

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Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Is there enough pigment in this kit to make the highlighter's really concentrated?

    We think so, but it's hard to say what will suit you.  If you are concerned about it, you can also order the components of the kit separately and instead of buying a sample size of powder (which is what we send in the kit), purchase the 1 ounce size.  Then for sure you will have plenty of color.

    In her video, Katelyn is showing about 2-3 teaspoons of powder per bottle.  The sample sizes we send you in the kit are about 3 teaspoons. 

  • Hello! I am wanting to make liquid highlighters, But I cannot seem to find the mixing beads? Do you not sell them besides the one's that come in the kit?

    We have 4 different sizes and we call them Monster Beads. Try that in our search box. Meantime, we will update their description so they are easier to find.

  • This might seem like a really dumb question but what are the purpose of the mixing beads?

    The product will separate over time, with the pigment falling to the bottom of the bottle and the clear liquid rising to the top.  It's normal and the mixing beads make it easy for you to shake the contents back together before applying.

  • Can I make these highlighters pressed? If I can, what are the steps to create pressed highlighters?

    We sell a simple kit for pressing powders, and there is a little video as well, so I suggest you take a look at it, click here.

    In addition to the ingredients in the kit, you can purchase various pigments such as are in the Hilighting Drops kit or your can purchase other colors that suit your project.

  • what is the use of cyclopetasiloxaane? Is there any natural ingredient option to make this liquid highlighter or even shimmer liquid lipstick?

    Cyclopenasiloxane makes the product less greasy/oily feeling and dries down to a nice cushiony feel.  Without it, if it was just grapeseed oil, it would feel greasy/oily.  I have't tried to reformulate with a different ingredient.  I imagine you could use different ingredients, but they would not feel exactly the same.  You could try working with Fractionated Coconut Oil, as it is a more lightweight oil than Grapeseed Oil.

  • Does this kit Include everything in the pictures ?

    Yes, it does.

  • How can I get it where the pigment don't separate from the oils? I'm wanting to create a body bronzer when it separates don't look very professional when wanting to sell product

    There are a few ways to decrease separation.  One would be to add a bulking powder such as our Silica Dimethyl Silylate.   Another method would be to add a thickening agent such as a wax of some kind (basically make the oil thicker).  

    Another option is to sell your product in a bottle which is completely covered by the label and instruct the customer to 'shake well before use'.  That way they will not see the natural settling.

  • if im going to buy the full size product of each of the ingredients and 1 pound of each pigment how many bottles ( droppers ) can i fill?

    About 750 - 800.  And you would have some extra powder left over.

    Here are my calculations:  

    Katelyn's recipe is 3 teaspoons of liquid (1/2 fl ounce) plus 2 teaspoons of powder (2 grams) and fills about 1 bottle.

    So, if you got a gallon of Grapeseed oil and 2 gallons of Cyclopentasiloxane, that would be 128 x 3 fl oz = 384 fl oz = 768 bottles.

    If you colored all of those bottles with just one color, you would need 768 bottles x 2 grams = 1536 grams of powder, which in pounds is 3.4 pounds of powder.  If you want to do 5 pigments, you would need 3.4 /5 = .70 pounds of each powder.

  • how many drops is there in the preservative bottle?

    There are approximately 300 drops in 1/2 fl oz.

  • How much Silica Dimethyl Silylate will I need to add to the recipe stated in the description ?

    We actually tested the powder and my guess was wrong.  It didn't really help with suspension.  So we are still working on seeing what we might recommend to tweak Katelyn's formula.  In the meantime, we would not recommend this for helping with suspension.

    Kaila Westerman

  • What keeps the pigments from separation in the bottle

    You would need some kind of bulking agent, or a wax that thickened the product such that the pigments could stay suspended.  

  • What can make the ingredient dry faster and also less oily

    Less of the oil and more of the cyclopentasiloxane.

  • Is this vegan ir vegetarian And would this be considered natural?

    It is vegan, the Cyclopentasiloxane in the recipe is a silicone-based oil which would not be considered a plant-derived oil and most would not consider it natural.

  • What if I wanted to make this same recipe but make it into a liquid blush, what pigments could I use?

    Blush Beige, Cotton Candy, Genna, these are some good options.

  • Can I use rubbing alcohol to substitute cyclopentasiloxane? If not, what else can I use as a substitute? I was planning on using jojoba oil, but the texture might be too oily.

    Jojoba oil does not dissolve into alcohol, so the two would not mix together.  So, no, you could not make that substitution.

  • Can the Cyclopentasiloxane used with fractioned coconut oil in this formula ?

    Yes, Cyclopentasiloxane mixes well with most anhydrous alcohols and in many cosmetic oils.  It will not blend with water or alcohol, however.

  • I read that grapeseed oil last up to 3 months (or 6 months if refrigerated), so how long does liquid highlighter last before it expires? If I change it to jojoba oil, will it make the product last longer?

    Jojoba oil would be a great alternative as it has a longer shelf life.  It's a good idea.

  • If i use grapeseed oil and perservative cap 5 how long will the highlighter last? And how long would it last if i use jojoba oil and perservative cap 5 both with cyclopentasiloxane

    Grapeseed oil has a shelf life in which, like most natural oils, it can oxidize and "go rancid" over time.  The result is a slight odor.  For this reason, a formula with grapeseed oil probably has a shelf life of 3 months.

    An alternate natural oil would be Jojoba Oil, it will not have the same problem with rancidity.  In that instance, your formula is much more stable and we might give it 6 months to a year.

  • Hi, i followed the recipie exactlly, but i think the drops are too thin. Any thickening suggestions?

    We have a new product coming in which will resolve this problem.  We did a lot of experimenting and came up with a good option.  It will be in stock in late June 2017 (sorry it can't be sooner).  It will be called our Gel Maker CC.

  • Hello. I am wanting to make my own liquid highlighters. And I watched the video on how to make it. I am wondering if I could substitute grape seed oil for jojoba oil and then add the cyclo and preservative 5. I already have the glass bottles and beads and pigments. I have also been trying to make pressed glitter. The products I am adding together(which I ordered from your website) are not working together for me. After i wait 24 hrs for them to dry, they still feel very wet and when you apply to the eyelids they just crease and are to oily greasy feeling, i hope that makes sense. I am wondering if you could help me with a recipe on what to order to make these and have them come out correctly. Thank you so much for your time. I hope it's okay i asked so many questions. I love your website and my purchases i made before.

    With regards to your question on liquids highlighters:  yes.

    With regard to your question regarding pressed glitter, we are working on a nice formula for that, but having completed it yet.  We have gone through our own trials and wone thing we determined is that a pressed glitter needs to be sticky.  That is probably why the more popular pressed glitters tend to contain Glycerin. This is a sticky substance.  So probably your issue is you don't have a sticky component to your formula.

  • can you make a liquid blush with a different pigment instead of the bronzers and highlighters?

    You certainly can use other colors, yes.  The product will tend to be shiny, though, as it is a highlighting drop recipe, and you may wish your blush to be a little more matte or subtle.

  • Do you think I can add glycerin instead of the oil

    Glycerin dissolves in water and will not mix with cyclopentasiloxane.  So, no.

  • Hi. I would like to purchase this highlighter kit. What would the postage be to Auckland, New Zealand? Thanks

    The postage will show up when you place the items in your cart.  Our shopping cart automatically calcuates your options for you.

  • When applying the liquid highlighter to the face it look as if it's just an oil spot on the face more so then a pretty glow that compliments the skin how do I fix that problem? Also I don't use the grapseed oil just the cycop.

    Well, have you tried making the recipe as KiKi originally designed it?  In your shoes, I think I'd start with that.  You may find that the oil is what helps it give the look you are wanting.  I know she did a lot of formulating to come up with the simple recipe she shares so I suspect that you should start with that formula.

  • would these products be considered natural ?

    The grapeseed oil would be, not the cyclopentasiloxane.

  • hello I asked the previous question about making the pressed glitters and I was adding glycerin with the liquid press it binder and cap 5 and some alcohol, but this wasnt working..would you recommend for me to use the powder form of the press it binder instead? Thank you. Also someone had mentioned that they tried the recipe for the highlighter and it came out too thin and you suggested a gel maker cc, but it won't be out until end of June. so if i make the recipe will I have issues with it being to thin? Sorry the video does'nt show it being too thin. also since I am substituting the grapeseed oil for jojoba oil, do i still use the same amount her video suggests and if i am using a 1 oz glass bottle how much of each product would I need? cap 5, cyclo,and jojoba oil and mica? and how long will one bottle be good for, until it spoils.

    Hello Darling!
    1) Liquid Press it Binder is compatible with Glycerine (oil and water), so I wouldn't recommend that.  The popular recipe on the internet which is glycerine plus aloe vera seems to be a really good option, just make sure to add a preservative such as our Cap 5.  You may also wish to add up to 10% of either the My Mix Press Base or simply Zinc Stearate to help in adhesion.

    2)  Regarding the Highlighter recipe that was provided by KiKiG:  we do have a good additive coming soon to help keep pigments in suspension, the TKB Gelmaker CC.  The main ingredients for that product are  Dicaprylyl Carbonate (and) Stearalkonium Hectorate (and) Propylene Carbonate. Basically, it is a creamy base with clay in it.  Clay helps with suspension.  Without some kind of suspension product such as this, the Hilighter Drops recipe provided by KikiG will separate, for sure. We will post photos and vidoes on that as soon as our Gelmaker CC is stocked.

    3)  Substituting the grapeseed oil for jojoba oil will be no problem, either way and you would probably use the same amount.  To fill a 1 fluid ounce bottle, you will need approximately 1 fluid ounce of the liquids.  The pigments will take up some of that space, but not too much.  

    4)  The oils are generally stable and you should be fine for a year or two with the addition of the preservative.

    Kaila Westerman

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