Reformulated Hilite Green
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Update 10/20/16: Thank you for your patience in our restock of this color. Our reformulated Hilite Green is more gold/green in hue when rubbed onto a dark background. 

Our family of Hilites are all white-appearing powders which have a "hilite" of a unique hue (gold, orange, red, green, violet, or blue). Hilite colors are also known as "interference" or "splendid" colors. 

  • Ingredients: Mica (77019), Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (778161).

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    You can layer this over your eyeshadow to add a little something special. When the light hits at certain angles you'll see the green. Ive gotten comments from people like "did your eyeshadow just change color?"

    This is one of my favorite hilite colors, along with Copper and Gold. I have added this to other colors to make a unique shade that I have gotten many compliments on. I have also mixed this color with Apricot to make a very cool looking lipgloss. Perfect!!!

    beyond using as a brow hilite it's VERY pretty added to otherwise natural browns for green eyes, adds a little something that people take notice of...

    This is my favorite hilite,I've put this in many formulations already,it's looks best in lighter shades.

    This is an amazing color and much to my delight (and my mega cheap husband) this green is a dupe or can pass for one in a compact from a very very high end cosmetics co that cost 80.00 dollars. I will never buy that compact again. I do not need to with TKB's Hilite Collection.

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Reformulated Hilite Green has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 6 reviews.

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