Economy Lipstick Tube (12.1)
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Our New Economy fit the 12.1 cup size. They have a sleek and shiny black look.

  • Ingredients: Plastic
  • This tube measures 2-13/16" tall and has a diameter of 3/4".

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

        I like the practical transparent cap but too me, the samples I've ordered are just perfect for training for neewbies. I won't use them for selling unless it's brighten with a trendy label.

        These had a bit of cardboard "dust" on some insides of the caps when I received them, but the product itself seems very good.  The caps fit on pretty well and I love that you can see the color without picking it up.  The shrink bands for the diamond series fit these, though a little longer than I would like them.  I snip off about 1/8" from the shrink band and it works perfectly.  I also like how the black sets off the lip color nicely.

        I agree with a lot of the reviews, they do remind me of the wet and wild cases, but they dont necessarily look cheap, they look exactly like the picture. they work perfectly, they are great for samples and demo lipsticks, the lipstick doesnt go all the way down in the tube so you do have to be careful when putting the cap on

         They Are Just Wonderful!!

         I was pleasantly surprised how sturdy these economy lipstick tubes were.

         They're really nice actually! The only drawback is that you cannot wind the lipstick down fully so you have to be extra careful when putting on the cap. This can be a positive as well in the sense that you can see the colors without having to check each one :)

         These are sturdy and way more professional looking than you think. I got them just to use for practicing with my lipstick mold, and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality and overall look!

         I have been using these lipstick containers, and I love them.  You can easily see what color the lipstick is, and they are very sturdy.  They are inexpensive and are perfect for a business or just for personal use.  I recommend these for anyone who wants to make lipstick, and a affordable price!

         Ok,so I was really disappointed with the black economy ones.Yes,I still wish we could get ones like the silver we had, and the black ones STILL remind me of wet n wild..But, I have come up with some ideas for these tubes! I think these are perfect for when you want/need to keep costs down.Perfect for when you are first starting out with lipstick making,and if you are giving them away to family&friends,it is way more affordable to use to the economy tubes.They are solid and sturdy, and they do LOOK nice(good quality).Let's face it,in this economy,we can't afford to"give"things away,but you can with these!They have made perfect gifts for my family and friends,I toss one in as a way of saying thank you to a customer,or just as a nice"surprise",because the economy tubes cost less for me.It is also a great way of advertising your new lipstick line!Remember,word of mouth is the best kind of advertising:)When I first started throwing these in customers bags before shipping them,and within 2 weeks,I received about 7 emails asking me when I was going to be adding the lipsticks for sale.They really liked them!They told me how it had made their day&how much they liked them.I am now actually HAPPY I have them!Other ideas I have:as an affordable alternative for people on a budget(most of us are right now).
    For a "Little Miss" line..I have come up with more ideas for these economy tubes,so I will be purchasing more:)

         These are way more nice looking than the picture! and the deal on them are awesome! i wouldnt dare hesitate to purchase these

       What is the legnth and diameter of this lipstick tube

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Economy Lipstick Tube (12.1) has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 18 reviews.

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