Kaolin Clay
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5/26/15 Update: We have an updated version of Kaolin Clay. It is almost exactly the same, however, for the new one there is just a slight difference in the tackiness when rubbed onto the skin. Which in turn, makes it better for adhesion.

This pure, white, natural clay offers adhesion to your cosmetic products. Use in eyeshadow, foundations, lipsticks and blushes. Also absorbs oil, so great for oily skin.

  • Ingredients: Kaolin

  • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

    I use this in my eyeshadow base and my foundation formula for oily skin, really makes a difference in the foundation. And the 8oz pack is HUGE.

    I found Kaila has the price for this for the quality! I Love this as face mask.

    I love LOVE this kaolin clay....I use it in ALL of my foundation and blush mixtures.  It is also great to make a facial mask out of.  Don't use to much in your formulations, as it can dry out your skin.  I can honestly say I can't live without this. It is a must have for any formulation.  Also, you can add a little amount to your eyeshadow base mixture...It works great in eyeshadows!  There are so many uses for this "magic" clay that I can't even begin to list them.  Just know that if you are going to formulate any cosmetics, this is a MUST have!  I have fallen in love with it! 

    If I could marry a website, it would be TKB. I love the quality of everything carried on this site. I work in ceramics, and I can assure anyone that this is the finest kaolin available. I love using about one tablespoon of this mixed with two tablespoons of Evian to make a drying mask- perfect for skin with acne or oily and combination skin. A little goes a long way!

    I am so oily, I can use 10 blot papers in one sitting, seriously. This clay is in my personal finishing powder and my primer. My formula would be too much for anything, but skin as oily as mine, but I've toned it way down in formulas for acne prone skin. It's a dream product TBK's is silky and well ground. 

    Really helps with adhesion, but has lots of drag, not smooth or silky at all. It tends to clump, so grinding your mixtures to get even distribution as well as mixing mica or talc (or more expensive additives) to give it more slip is a must.  

      This product is fantastic! You get so much for the money! If you plan on using this for makeup you'll need to grind it. I use mine in a 2:1:1 ratio of Kaolin Clay: fine silk: micronized pearl for a nice face mask! I mix with silica (for feel) and concealer to make an eye primer :)

    Wonderful clay and the price is great, too!  Another sample purchase, the clay helps with adhesion and you can even use it in lipsticks.  A skin friendly clay as long as you don't over do it!

     I purchased this to put in my foundation, but I quickly found other uses. You can use it as a primer, a mask, or a skin cleanser. I have pretty moderate acne...and this helps!

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Kaolin Clay has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 13 reviews.

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