6 gr. Double Refined Candelilla Wax
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A natural vegetable wax. The double refinement makes it especially suited to lip products.

    • Candellia Wax is a vegetable wax with a high melt point (68-72 C; 155-162 F) and excellent water-repellent and film-forming properties. The wax produces high gloss when blended into various other oils and so is popular in lip products.

      Our regular Candellila is great in soaps, lotions and the like, but if you are formulating a lip product, you should probably spend a little extra money and purchase "Double Refined Candy".

    • A lip product made with regular candelilla, tends to go grainy (gritty, sandy texture) either immediately or over the course of a few weeks or months. Also, customers report that regular candelilla poured into a "propel style" lip balm tube tends to break off the mechanism, making the tube non-functioning.

      Double Refinded Candy is much more lady-like than that! She has been filtered to remove the natural resins found in the leaf of the plant. As a result, she does not go grainy (not ever!) and she plays nice with the lip balm tube's propel mechanism.

      She is not actually "Candy", that's just her name. She is 100% pure Candelilla Wax, and proud of it!

      The product does not contain gluten.

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