Lanolin, USP
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A thick oil that comes from sheep's wool, used for extra dry skin and to boost color in lip products.

    • Lanolin is a thick oil which comes from sheep's wool. The oil is extracted from the wool during the shearing season so the animals themselves are NOT slaughtered for the oil. This is pharmaceutical grade (USP).

      Lanolincan be rubbed directly on severely dry or cracked skin to sooth and heal. It is also a very useful additive to any lip recipe where you wish to boost the coloration.

    • The following reviews are from our old website, and predate 2015. Items were ranked from 1 - 5.

        I was so hoping this lanolin would be as flavorless as the Lansinoh brand.  It is not, however.  It certainly has fantastic properties but the smell and taste just get to me.  I think people sensitive to smell or who work with other sheep products will have a hard time wearing a lip product with much of this in it.  The price is extremely good, so if I can find a way to mask the smell without causing a gag reflex I'll come back to this.  If Lansinoh is correct, the stronger the scent, the more Volatile Organic Compounds the lanolin contains from the oxidation process.  I wish I loved it.  

       I use this product in every lippie I do. Its great for the lips, downside is the smell/scent, but for me, its worth it any time of the day. 

        the price on this alone is great! I used to buy small tubes of lanolin at the store for about the price of 8 ounce option when I was breast feeding and now I see this! I love this stuff regardless of how it smells. I'd even use it as a rash ointment for my baby just because it helped keep moister off. This is for sure going on my list next order!

        Premature babies R us. Why is this important? Preemies are impossible to give milk to 24-7. You have to pump because they're in the NICU.  I pumped using an electric pump. Moo. My skin cracked, bruised and blistered. I used 100% lanolin at a friend's suggestion and am thrilled I did. It changed everything for me. It allowed me to give my preemies, mom's milk for far longer than I could without the lanolin. The boys did not react to the taste, or the oil at all. I expected a negative reaction to the lanolin and it never came. It saved my sanity at a very tough time in my life and I cannot praise this product highly enough. I have tried to make a great lipbalm without it and I can't. Good, yes, but not great. This makes a huge difference.

        My son has very sensitive skin and this was part of a simple yet effective diaper cream I made for my son. The lanolin made all the difference in the world when it came to keeping his bottom clear!

      Research PROVES effectiveness of lanolin.  Google it.  That, to me, is the most important thing.  I just got my first batch from TKB. I never owned lanolin before but my dad was a biomedical researcher and (I will never forget) of his co-workers was studying lanolin with results coming in around 1994... and found that lanolin and elastin were the only products that truly improved skin elasticity....and they tested A LOT of things over a long period of time.  I was so excited to see it here at TKB in pure form!! I can't wait for my skin elasticity to improve...LOL (like it is gonna work perfectly for everyone - but I'm hoping).  I'm planning on trying it on my face to see how it improves my skin firmness and fine lines.  I am DEFINITELY also going to start using this on my hands REGULARLY, combined with a high SPF, to see if I can get some youth back into them, and keep them looking their age.  I'm 37 and was a smoker for 18 years (8.3 months on the wagon Thank God), and my hands look BAD!!  My hands look like my mom's did when she was 45...almost 10 years older than me. 

      So far I have added this to lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss recipes with complete success!! They all feel GREAT!!!

      I started all 3 lip bases with the following mixture (my lip balm base): a mixture of even parts coconut oil (92degrees), sunflower oil ("Spectrum brand high heat" due to it being "high oleic" - wiki sunflower oil if you want more details); and natural beeswax beads (1Tbs of all 3).  Then I add 1 tsp of lanolin and a drop of preservative.  This base alone has almost no smell at all. It smells less than most cosmetics that are lacking fragrance.  I suppose the smell of the bees wax contributes to the smell being mild/unnoticeable (to me).

      When I use it pure, I have a fragrance body oil (White Tea type from another supplier) that I smooth over myself on top of the pure lanolin to change the smell.  I suppose I will be making a mix of the pure lanolin and fragrance soon.  It really doesn't take much fragrance to cover up the smell of lanolin. And no the lanolin doesn't smell like a barn unless you used to shear sheep for a living.  It just has "a smell," much like other cosmetic additives.  It doesn't smell good but it is easily covered with your favorite fragrance.  And the idea of mixing it with orange oil sounds FABULOUS!! I'm gonna have to try that!

      I'm starting to see the need to buy this in larger quantities. I can see making really nice "skin repair ointment" gifts out of this stuff for the holidays (I live in a cold climate where everyone suffers from dry skin in the winter).  My loved ones will LOVE THIS!!!

      In fact ALL of you will love this if you have any dry skin what-so-ever!!

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    Lanolin, USP has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 9 reviews.

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