Lavender Luz
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Color shifting interference product which shifts from blue to purple to orange.
  • Ingredients: Synthetic Fluorophylogopite (77019), Silica, Titanium Dioxide (77891), Tin Oxide (77861).
  • If you like our Star Bites you'll love our Moon Dusts. Both are made from Synthetic Fluorophylogopite (synthetic mica) which gives them a particularly bright, clean sheen. 

    Here is the big difference: Star Bites are a larger particle size, about 100-260 microns. This makes them somewhat more sparkly than Sparks! which range from 20-200 microns. They are particularly suited for nail lacquers.

    Moon Dusts are a smaller particle size, 30-120 microns, while they are suited for nail lacquers, they are particularly suited for use in eye cosmetics. 
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  • could this mica and the other micas in the moon dust sampler be used in the liquid highlighter recipe you all posted or would i have to add another pigment for it to show up, and if it does work would it only show up on dark skin tones?

    It would be like a "Rainbow hilighter" or a "Unicorn Hilighter".  It would have a soft, diffuse reflection of color, and it would generally show up most strongly on darker skin tones.  Same with the other Moon Dusts.  You could also add them on top of another color to introduce complexity.  For example, blend the Aisha Gold with Ivory Lace for a unique color.  By the way, the Moon Dusts will give a nice, soft, not too sparkly highlight.

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